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Is it possible? And why not, if they agreed on one point – the ability to do this, the desire to leave something behind and love for the native land.

Kartalin Baden-Baden? Why not? The property was donated to the Kartala region – a children’s camp on the territory of the Annensky settlement. The property, of course, is in an unsatisfactory condition, because it has not been used for many years. There are investors who are ready to invest and create a tourist center with a wide range of leisure activities – saunas, a swimming pool, cuisine of the peoples of the region, horseback riding, and hiking trails. And all this will be in demand, as it is located in a beautiful place where there is fresh air and transport accessibility. And this is a statement! We asked the residents of Kartala, and they say that all this had to be done for a long time in the region. In Chesma – there is, Yuzhnouralsk, Varna … And the Kartala region, as the governor said, turned out to be disliked by the authorities. Maybe we should believe: the time for love has come ?! I’d like to believe in it very much. And help – in deed and in word!

At the expense of the regional budget, we have the opportunity to purchase guest houses made of wood and further develop ecotourism, – tells Natalia Maksimovskaya, deputy head of the district – there are entrepreneurs who want to do this.

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