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Florida continues to offer important investment opportunities for Colombians. An example of this is the Archer Place project, in the city of Gainesville, located in the north of the state and home to the University of Florida, whose development is advanced by BAI Capital.

Archer Place is a unique project of its kind, which rises in a vibrant and attractive environment designed for students and professionals. In addition to being a few steps from the university, it has an exclusive shopping area and luxury equipment in a condominium building.

Iván Rodríguez, vice president of international business at BAI Capital, a leading developer in Florida, Texas and New York, explains that the project is designed for foreign investors who are interested in safeguarding their capital in US dollars by purchasing condominiums for rent where management of the keys and the property has a Property Manager located on-site.

On the other hand, and if so desired, the buyer will not require direct management and will be able to rent the condominium, either for annual or temporary rent, to any of the thousands of patients who visit the city in search of medical care hospitals. located very close to the property (More information on this link).

Investors can choose from 92 condominiums and the following available units:

● 16 one-bedroom.
● 54 with two rooms.
● 3 of three rooms.
● 19 penthouses, 7 with private pool.

Archer Place is one of the few real estate developments in Gainesville that takes advantage of the fact that the city has approved a density increase of almost 2.5 times over the maximum allowable zoning, and is considered by the city board as a project of extraordinary planning, which will allow it to generate relevant value for investors and represents an attractive alternative in one of the states most in demand by international investors.

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Currently, the project awaits the last permit granted by the city for the start of works. Its first investment round will last until October 31, after which the interest that BAI Capital will pay will be lower.

“For this project we are raising a total of 27 million dollars. Of that figure we are looking for 10 million dollars in the remainder of 2022”, Rodriguez says.

The executive adds: “For Archer Place we are inviting international investors, especially Colombians, to be part of the capital of the developer that owns the project as co-owners.”

Invest and live in Florida

According to BAI Capital, real estate investments are an increasingly attractive market due to their growth, appreciation and economic stability, even more so in the United States, where inflation is protected by properties and real estate developments that increase in price, while an increase in value is generated in the acquisitions.

Currently, the state of Florida is experiencing an economic renaissance, with cities that project considerable growth for the diversification of capital and that represent an attractive alternative with less risk than that which can be found in other areas.

Gainesville, in particular, is positioned as a leading option apart from Miami and Orlando due to its great tourism potential, population growth, educational relevance and pleasant climate.

In this environment, the opportunities presented by Archer Place for Colombian investors include:

● Be part of the project and earn in dollars.
● Being part of the project, earning in dollars and having the possibility of accessing the EB-5 program to obtain permanent residence in the United States.
● Buy condominiums at presale prices.

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“We are also a private capital fund specialized in raising EB-5 capital, a United States federal immigration program that allows foreign investors who meet certain characteristics to apply and obtain a permanent residence permit for themselves and their families” , says the business vice president of BAI Capital.

The minimum investment to apply for the EB-5 program is $800,000 plus additional expenses, such as hiring an immigration attorney, capital fund fee. For this reason, the investor’s profile is one of high purchasing power.

BAI Capital will be making a tour of Colombia in which he will explain, through one-on-one events that will take place all day on several Thursdays in September and October, the advantages that Archer Place offers to national investors.

“The bulk of the effort is being made in Medellín and Bogotá, but we have made visits to specific clients in Cartagena, Cali, Bucaramanga and Barranquilla. We are open to taking all the information to whoever requires it wherever they are in Colombia”, says Ivan Rodriguez.

In Medellín, the developer will have its first event on Thursday, September 15, at the San Fernando Plaza Hotel.

In Bogotá, BAI Capital will be holding three personalized events with its advisors at the JW Marriot hotel on the following dates:

● Thursday, September 22.
● Thursday, September 29.
● Thursday, October 6.

“Colombia is a very important market for us and therefore we plan to open a permanent office in the country. We are in this process so that our investors have permanent support”, He ends by pointing out the business vice president of BAI Capital.

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To contact BAI Capital in Colombia you can go to any of the following information channels:

Telephone United States: +1 305 330 5299
Institutional email:
Email from Iván Rodríguez:

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