Barry Austin is dead: he weighed 412 kilos! Biggest Briton dies lonely in a clinic at the age of 52

04.01.2021, 09.08 a.m.

Barry Austin had no objection to good food. Image: dpa

At peak times he weighed a whopping 412 kilograms, now Barry Austin, the fattest man in Great Britain, has died lonely in a clinic. The Briton was hospitalized after a fall.

Once considered “Britain’s fattest man” and gained a certain degree of popularity thanks to a TV documentary, Barry Austin has now died at the age of only 52. This is currently reported by the British “Metro”. The man from Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, died on New Year’s Day.

Barry Austin is dead: cause of death apparently heart failure in clinic

There should also be clarity about the cause of Barry Austin’s death: Accordingly, his heart pounded. As Metro writes, his family announced that the former taxi driver had been hospitalized a week ago after falling in his house. Austin’s stepson’s wife said the Birmingham City fan finally died of a heart attack in hospital on New Years Day. The family is said to have not been with him at the time of death, as there were restrictions in the clinic due to the coronavirus.

Barry Austin weighed 412 kilos: Greatest man in Great Britain dies at the age of 52

The man’s family was devastated after the man’s lonely death. The former “fatest man in Great Britain” died lonely in a hospital. At peak times, Barry Austin weighed an immense 412 kilograms. Barry Austin was known well beyond the borders of Chelmsley Wood for the Sky One documentary entitled “Inside Britain’s Fattest Man”.

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In recent years, however, Barry, who according to “Metro” was “talkative, funny and amiable”, had struggled with breathing problems and increasing difficulties with his legs. As a result, he could no longer leave his home. He is survived by his partner Debbie Kirby and the four stepchildren Sarah, Dannielle, Marcus and Demi Lee.

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