Basketball player Brittney Griner breaks her silence after being released

Brittney Griner flying back from Russia after the end of her captivity. (dr/spot)


SpotOn News | 12/16/2022, 7:14 p.m

Brittney Griner has spoken out in public for the first time since her release. The US basketball player looked back on her ten-month prison term in Russia via Instagram.

The US basketball player Brittney Griner (32) broke her silence for the first time after her return from Russian captivity. On her official Instagram account she posted the moment she got off the plane in her home country last week and hugged her waiting wife Cherelle a little later. She captioned the pics, “It feels so good to be home!” The past ten months have been a struggle at every turn. She had to “dig deep” in order not to lose her faith.

The love of many people helped her to persevere: “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.” She also announced that she would continue her basketball career in the coming season. She will then appear again for her former club Phoenix Mercury. She would also like to campaign for the release of other US prisoners in Russia in the future: “Every family deserves to be complete.”

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