Batgirl’s Final Costume in the DC Universe Revealed

Batgirl’s Final Costume in the DC Universe Revealed

Lesley Grace, who played Barbara Gordon in the film “Batgirl” (Bathirl), which Warner Bros. Discovery decided not to release, despite the fact that production was completed, showed what her superhero costume would look like.

On the first day of the New Year, the actress posted a video on social networks, recalling the past 2022. Since she spent the first few months of the year filming “Batgirl”, it makes sense that the video includes footage from the venue. On several photos you can see Grace in Batgirl costumes, including the one in which the heroine was supposed to appear at the end of the movie comic.

Thank you for teaching me, 2022. You were unique in many ways that will stay with me. My gratitude and love for life is much deeper thanks to the experience you gave me. I take with me all the lessons taught when we part. Love and create in 2023.

Unfortunately, we’ll probably never see Grace’s Batgirl in action.

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