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One day, in 1924 or 1925, Mehlis read aloud a report on some meeting of the party activists and indignantly quoted the extremely harsh speeches of the opposition. Addressing Stalin, Mehlis said:
– Comrade Stalin, don’t you think that every measure is being taken here, that it is in vain that the Central Committee allows itself to be so openly discredited? Isn’t it better to prohibit?
Comrade Stalin only grinned at this:
– Let them talk! Let them talk! The enemy is not dangerous who reveals himself. The hidden enemy, which we do not know, is dangerous. And these, which are all revealed, all rewritten – the time of accounts with them will come.

On the first anniversary of the October Revolution, an article appeared in the newspaper Pravda, which stated that the armed uprising in Petrograd owed its victory to Trotsky. The article contained many words of praise about Trotsky’s various merits, most often imaginary.
The author of this article was I. Stalin.

Once Stalin attended a performance based on the play by Vladimir Kirshon (1902-1938) “Bread”, but did not invite the author to the government box after the performance.
The next day, in Gorky’s apartment, Kirshon loudly asked Stalin:
– How did you like the play “Bread”? “
Stalin replied:
– I don’t remember such a performance.
Kirshon began to get excited:
– Yesterday you watched this performance. I am the author of the play and would like to know about your impression.
Stalin remained unperturbed and said coldly:
– At the age of 13 I watched Schiller’s “Treachery and Love” – ​​I remember. But the play “Bread” – I don’t remember.

Kaganovich to Felix Chuev:
Stalin spoke to me many times:
– Why do you tell me “you” and not “you”? I’ll tell you “you”. Come on for brotherhood!
We drank. I keep saying “you” to him. He says:
– What is it? Drank to brotherhood, and you tell me “you”?
I say:
– Did you say “you” to Lenin?
He thought about it, said:
– No, I told him “you”.
– And why?
– I couldn’t.
– So I can’t.
– Great, you sat me down

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