Bear is discovered under porch – to hibernate there

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Created: 01/15/2023, 06:00 a.m

Von: Sandra Barbara Furtner


A black bear has hibernated under the porch of a residential building. The family has a decision to make.

A Connecticut family can’t believe their eyes when they spot an adult black bear under their porch. “We couldn’t believe it,” Vincent Dashukewich told the broadcaster CNN. The couple was with her dog outside in the garden. Suddenly the four-legged friend behaved strangely nervously. “So we peeked under the porch and suddenly there was a bear.”

Family discovers bear under porch – and lets him hibernate there

Slightly shocked, they contact the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) with their unusual find. The employees suspect that this is a male black bear who would probably stay until the end of hibernation and would probably not do anything to them. With a Horn, however, they could scare him away. However, if the animal causes problems, the authorities want to intervene.

“We are used to it, to see bears, but we’re not used to them staying that long,” says Vincent Dashukewich. The family thinks it over and decides to “take in” the bear. They call him Marty and set him up on a social media account.

Family discovers bear under porch – Marty becomes internet hit

Shortly after the clip was shared, it garnered more than 15 million views. The comments on TikTok are overflowing. Some advise the family to “keep the bear as a pet.” But that’s not the plan. “We try to keep our distance, but he’s cute,” admits Vincent. Marty is expected to stay with them for another three months.

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  • “I love his little bed of leaves! Sweet dreams, big guy!” 💙
  • “Look how comfortable you are in there.” 🥰
  • “Hey Marty, I just saw you on the news. You’re living your best life!”
  • “I think it’s great that you let him stay. I’m also fascinated by bears.” 🥰
  • “I love that! He’ll have a nice, peaceful sleep, thanks to you. That’s pretty cool.” 😎

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