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The action of the wild card round of the NFL postseason continues on Sunday and the second scheduled confrontation is the one that will feature the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints teams, who will face each other at the Mercedez Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Chicago Bears

The Bears’ season was a complete rollercoaster full of ups and downs. The Chicago team finished the regular season with an 8-8-0 record that earned them second place in the North Division of the National Conference, although this position was very close to falling into the hands of the Minnesota Vikings.

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After getting five wins in their first six games of the season, the Chicago cast would enter a downhill slope that saw them be defeats in six consecutive games and jeopardized their participation in the postseason, although they rearranged the course in the later weeks with wins over Texans, Vikings and Jaguars. They would reach Week 17 gambling their ticket at these times and, despite being defeated, they qualified due to the Rams triumph over the Cardinals in California.

It does not seem that the Bears are going to last long in this postseason having arrived “on the rebound” and with an offense of very few lights, but if they want to advance they will have to resort to their defense which has been the main virtue of this team since 2019.

New Orleans Saints

Another spectacular season was that of the Saints, not so much because of the results obtained since they were mostly positive and saw the team finish first in the southern division of the National Conference with a record of 12-4-0, but because of the injuries both in defense and offense, which hurt the team from start to finish.

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Michael Thomas and Drew Brees, two of the New Orleans team’s main offensive referents, could hardly see any action time together. An injury kept the veteran quarterback off the field from mid-November to late December while Thomas missed the entire month of October and more than half of December. Still, two wins over the Buccaneers to sweep the series against their main divisional rival were enough to secure the crown.

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Alvin Kamara, their star rider, was also in doubt for this match, but fortunately for them he will be able to play the match. However, the Saints can also use their defense to win this game, which finished in the top five in the league during the regular season.

Player more power

The rushing game that David Montgomery can supply the Bears will be key to gaining yards with their drives. Montgomery finished the season as the fifth-largest rushing player in the entire NFL, with a total of 1,070.

Let’s talk a little about Alvin Kamara and its importance to the Saints. The running back managed to score 16 touchdowns on the ground during the regular season, tied for the second-best mark in this statistic alongside Dalvin Cook and with just one touchdown less than Derrick Henry.


The Bears will probably say goodbye to their season today. and any other result would be a huge surprise, with the Saints being favorites to win by double digits.

However, it is quite likely that the match will end with fewer points than the total indicates. Despite Chicago dramatically increasing its offensive production late in the season, scoring 30 or more points in four of its last five games, all those games were against teams with terrible defense and the only exception was when they had an acceptable defense like the Packers.

Surely New Orleans can limit the damage their rivals will do to them and it looks very difficult for the Bears to score multiple touchdowns. Even so, the road to victory will not be easy for the Saints so we anticipate that we will have around 45 points in this match.

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Recommendation: Less than 48.5 points, Odds 1.80


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