Before Death: “Alaskan Bush People” -Billy reconciled with Matt

Two weeks after his father Billy died, Alaskan Bush has been a People Star Matt Brown broken his silence. In early February, Billy, the clan’s patriarch, died unexpectedly as a result of a stroke. While Brother Bear shared the shocking news with his followers on social media shortly afterwards, the one who lives in California stayed Matt so far back. In a video, he commented for the first time on the unexpected demise of his father. Shortly before his death, the two are said to have been reconciled.

“He was at home with his family, just like he would have wanted. The truth is, it hit me hard,” explained Matt in which on Instagram published post. Nevertheless he is happy. He knew that the health problems were getting worse. “I made up with him before he died”he was relieved. Matt took the opportunity to do the right thing. Under the video he addressed a few lines to his father: “Thank you for your kind words full of kindness and your prayers, they mean so much to me.”

Between Billy and Matt the break occurred after the latter began rehab in California in 2018. Matt then decided not to return to his family. Billy, in turn, had asked his son to stay sober in order to be part of the reality show again.

Gabe, Ami, Billy and Matt Brown in September 2020

Instagram / bearbrownthekingofextreme

Gabe, Ami, Billy and Matt Brown in September 2020
Matt Brown in January 2019
Matt Brown, “Alaskan Bush People”-Star


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