Before sold out ★ LV ★ Arizona moccasins ★ Loafers ―― 46,000 yen

Before sold out ★ LV ★ Arizona moccasins ★ Loafers (52436416)

Louis Vuitton / Code: 1A5Y94
Men’s fashion / shoes / boots / sandals / dress shoes / leather shoes / business shoes
Loafers with embossed monogram pattern.
It is comfortable to wear and has excellent flexibility.
Ideal for holiday outings and dates.
It will upgrade your everyday outfit even more elegantly.

-Material: Grain calf leather with embossed monogram pattern (leather type: cowhide)
-Tubular manufacturing method
-Hand-sewn vamp (1 pair takes 1 hour to finish)
-Outsole: Rubber protrusion
-made in Italy

Reward for yourself, gift for loved ones,
It’s also perfect as a gift for anniversaries (^^) ♪

100% genuine warranty, purchase from a directly managed store or an authorized distributor.
Please enjoy your shopping with confidence!

[About Louis Vuitton]
The overwhelmingly popular historic brand is “Louis Vuitton”. Louis Vuitton, founded as a store specializing in the manufacture of travel trunks, became popular for its floating trunks, and in 1995 announced the symbolic “Monogram” “Titanic” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. And Audrey Hepburn’s “Love in the Afternoon” also appeared in the monogram trunk. The popular designs “Damier” and “Monogram” are said to be very closely related to traditional Japanese culture. Even now, we are actively collaborating with up-and-coming designers and continuing to release hit works one after another, and the most beloved long-established brand in the world is “Louis Vuitton”. The reason for its popularity is that there are many items that can be used for many years because they are not old-fashioned and hard to break even after many years of use.

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[Favorite celebrity / entertainer]
From overseas celebrities to Japanese entertainers and models
It is also famous for being used by a wide range of people.
Countless celebrity entertainers
It is a favorite and immovable popularity ♪♪

#Nana Eikura, #Saeko, #Satomi Ishihara, #Masahiro Nakai, #Shingo Katori, #Ebizo Ichikawa #Tiller Swift, #Hailey Baldwin, #Miranda Kerr, #Jessica Alba, #Beckham,

[Check before ordering]
Because it is a very popular product, the stock status fluctuates every day, and even after ordering, there are rare cases where it is unavoidably canceled due to lack of stock (> <) To prevent cancellation of transactions, be sure to before ordering Please contact us.

[About delivery]
Please be assured that all items will be shipped with “tracking”. If you would like other shipping methods, please contact us from inquiries.

[Shipping and tariffs]
There is no basic shipping fee or customs duty for domestic stock. If it is out of stock, we will arrange it from home and abroad. In that case, it will take a while, but we will do our best to deliver it! In addition, please note that the customer will be responsible for any customs duty on overseas shipping (according to BUYMA regulations).

[Returns](Limited to applicable products)
Due to BUYMA regulations, we basically do not accept returns or exchanges. If you find any defects, please contact us within 2 days. If you are worried, we recommend that you subscribe to Anshin Plus ♪ /contents/safety/anshin.html

If you have any other questions,
Please feel free to tell us ♪


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