Belgorod region managed to save livestock from African swine fever

The Belgorod region ranks third in terms of the amount of agricultural products on a national scale. In animal husbandry – the first place. The region has 4.7 million pigs and 53 million birds one-time content. it the largest livestock.

– said at the final press conference the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor department for the Belgorod region Tatiana Ausheva.

The African swine fever virus has been registered in Russia since 2007. Number ASF outbreaks from the beginning of the year to November amounted to 235… The virus was detected in both wild boars and domestic pigs. In the Belgorod region, over the years, they have already managed to polish the security system. Sanitary posts were installed at the entrances to the region. Entry with animals from areas prone to ASF is restricted.

– concluded Ausheva.

One of the recent cases of an outbreak of African swine fever in the Kursk region has also affected our region. In the Belgorod region, a shipment of pork infected with the African plague virus was identified. The products were brought from the slaughterhouse of Agroinvest LLC, Fatezhsky district. The animals for slaughter came there from the Tver region, where the ASF virus was detected earlier at Corall LLC.

In total, they brought to the Belgorod region 118 tons raw materials from the slaughterhouse of the Kursk region. Management specialists have identified all recipients of potentially hazardous products. There were four of them. Samples were taken from all shipments, in three the result was negative. In 8 consignments out of 10, with a total weight of 10 tons, sent to the Obukhov meat-packing plant of the Starooskolsky urban district, the ASF genome was identified. By the time the research results were received, the products were still in storage and had not been used in production.

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Infected the meat was burned, the necessary antiepizootic measures were taken at the facility.

We will remind, in 2018 in the Belgorod region 11 cases of ASF were registered, one of them was at the large Bulanovsky pig-breeding complex in Shebekinsky district, which is considered dangerous for the transit transmission of the virus due to its proximity to Ukraine, from where wild boars moved from hunting farms.


African swine fever (Montgomery disease) was first reported in 1903 in South Africa. ASF is not amenable to treatment and vaccine prevention; the spread of the virus can only be stopped by strict quarantine measures. The virus does not pose a danger to humans, but causes enormous economic damage to agriculture, since all animals in the focus of infection must be destroyed. In 2018, due to the spread of ASF, Belgorod pig breeders lost 150 million rubles.


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