Bellingham places his father between a rock and a hard place, a forbidden destiny

Jude Bellingham It is one of the most valued pearls on the market and, next summer, everything points to its exit from the market. Borussia Dortmund. The Soturbridge-born footballer is targeted by Real Madrid and, in fact, it has been the white entity that has been most associated with the future of English.

However, other teams such as Liverpool or Manchester City also aspire to get his signing and, certainly, have their chances of blowing up the negotiations between Real Madrid and the player. The point is that Florentino Perez seems a step ahead of their competitors to sign Bellingham, but the fact that his father and manager wants him playing in England again makes the balance stabilize.

Jude Bellingham, during a training session with Borussia Dortmund / Photo: Europa Press – David Inderlied

Bellingham’s father, key in his final decision

That the children get something between their eyebrows and that they do not see beyond it usually happens among the most stubborn. Judging by the information, Jude Bellingham is one of these. The 19-year-old footballer knew he had a big bill when he played for Birmingham in the Championship.

Several clubs had contacted him, but his father, then also a representative, did not want to hear offers until it was a great Premier League player who paid his release clause. He, who according to the newspaper As, in his day he had been a fairly renowned amateur footballer in England, he wanted his son to reach the highest level. However, it ended up being Borussia Dortmund who paid the 22 million clause for him and, now, the player would be prohibited from returning to England.

Jude Bellingham, celebrating a goal with the England team / Photo: Europa Press

In this way, the midfielder would try to show that the clubs that did not pay attention to him three seasons ago were wrong and, if the alternatives of Manchester City and Liverpool are ruled out, Real Madrid is more than reinforced.

Jude Bellingham is headed to be the most expensive signing in the history of Real Madrid

Despite being the only alternative to the footballer’s liking, the information suggests that Borussia Dortmund appraises the sale of its star at €120 million. In fact, this is the amount in which Florentino Pérez would have planted himself, a figure that continues to place him as the most expensive signing in the history of Real Madrid, exceeding by 4 million the 116 that were paid for Eden Hazard in the summer of 2019. So, his father remains between a rock and a hard placesince he will dismiss your wishes to do what he feels.

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