Belstat spoke about the main values ​​of Belarusian men

According to the 2019 census, 4 351.4 thousand representatives of a strong half of humanity live in the republic, or 46.2% of the total population.

Where are the most men?

Census data indicate that most of the stronger sex lives in Minsk and the Minsk region – more than 20% and almost 16%, respectively, of the total male population of the country.

The average age of a Belarusian is 38 years. At the same time, men in the age category of 36.9 years live in cities and urban-type settlements, in rural areas – 41.5 years.

Health comes first

In the review of Belstat for the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus it says about the main priorities of our men in 2020 – Belarusians aged 16 and older distributed them on a 10-point scale.

The results showed that health became the main value of Belarusian men – this indicator has 8.5 points. Family understanding follows – 8.1 points. Further among the priorities, in descending order, are material wealth (6.9 points), the desire to live without conflicts (6 points) and love (5.9 points).

Marriage will wait

According to the latest census, 62% of men aged 15 and over were married or in unregistered relationships, 23% were never married, and 13% were divorced, divorced or widowed.

The first marriage of Belarusian men occurs at 28.3 years old, and remarried at 41.5 years old.

In 2019, there were 224 people for every 1,000 men aged 10 years and older with higher education (versus 270 women), with secondary vocational education – 270 (301 women), with vocational education – 152 (89 women).

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The best rest is in front of the TV

Belstat also named the most popular ways of spending leisure time among Belarusians. In the past year, men preferred to watch TV, videos and listen to music. 59% of respondents admitted this. 44% like to communicate with friends, 38% like to spend time on the computer and on the Internet. 32% of respondents prefer to engage in manual labor and work on their personal plot. The same number of people like to take walks. But only 11% of men devote time to sports and hobbies.

Top male professions

According to the latest census, the employment rate of men of working age is 80.4%. In 2020, almost every fourth man employed in the country’s economy was between the ages of 16 and 30. The following types of activities are predominantly “male”:

  • construction;
  • transport activities, warehousing, postal and courier work;
  • agriculture, forestry and fisheries;
  • industry;
  • information and communication.


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