Ben Simmons, 0 points and 13 assists tonight against the Celtics

The Nets lost to the Celtics last night, a defeat conceded in particular because the scoring of the conspicuously absent Kevin Durant was not filled. Expected at the turn in terms of impact to hold the shop in the absence of its leader, Ben Simmons did not score. He nevertheless distributed 13 assists, making him the 18th player in history to finish a match with these statistics. A list which also includes Jacque Vaughn, his coach.

In basketball, there are many ways to bring into the game. Some players have more affinity for attack, others give it to defense and tire the opposing team as much as possible. Ben Simmons distinguished himself last night by sublimating his teammates. An interesting performance since the boy distilled 13 caviars. And in scoring? 25? 30 pawns? Ouch, no Pepito. Bennou did not score a single point. A “feat” – note the quotation marks – quite rare in the NBA, since this is only the 18th time it has occurred in the history of the competition.

A line of statistics that made the interested party react after the match, finding himself too altruistic when he judges that he is able to create more scoring opportunities. He recognizes at the microphone ofESPN that his team needs a more dangerous Simmons, a good thing that we will not fail to observe during the next meetings of the Nets.

“I probably found them too much. I probably have to find opportunities for myself, which I haven’t. Being confident, being aggressive, knowing my team needs it. I think I give the ball way too often when I know what I am, I know I have to go to the basket, score points. And it’s also going to help my teammates create opportunities for themselves” – Ben Simmons

Lucid. It’s true that in the absence of a guy like Kevin Durant who brings almost thirty units every game night, just serving teammates – even if it’s a facet of the game that Ben Simmons should not be neglected – is not enough. With his stature as a luxury lieutenant, Ben must be sharper offensively. As he explains, increased aggression will also be positive for his teammates as drawing the attention of opposing defenses will allow them to create larger attacking spaces.

Le coach des Nets Jacque Vaughn, who also had a night with 0 points and 13 assists in his career – in April 2006 with the… New Jersey Nets – prefers to emphasize Simmons’ defensive play. Without Kevin Durant, the former Sixers leader must turn defensively to allow the group to be more impactful when it comes to scoring points.

“I always look at that observing how the possession results. And I think he [Ben Simmons] managed to shoot his teammates throughout the match. My focus is more defensively with Ben, the impact he has to have without Kevin on the pitch…Ben has to be able to protect the circle. He has to be a defensive force for us on the pitch, so we can play small, play with three guards and have outdoor shoots. So we need to be more focused on being sharp defensively, and then we can have shots, that will help” – Jacque Vaughn

The communication of the tactician is well established: no shooting on sight on the line of his leader, but rather a piece of advice slipped to the latter in front of the journalists. Ben Simmons took 9 rebounds against the Celtics, as well as pilfered two balls. For Vaughn, it’s increasing these returns that will improve Ben’s passages on the ground. Go, no doubt that a small fifteen points will not be too much either eh.

Ben Simmons now knows that he needs to be more aggressive on both sides of the pitch. The mandatory condition for the Nets machine to ensure maximum wins in the absence of Kevin Durant. He has the capabilities, so now we have to apply.

Source : ESPN

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