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After several years of misfortunes in Eurovision, RTVE is betting big on 2022. In line with countries like Italy, winner of the previous edition, it has created a previous national event, like San Remo, for the selection of our song. This week, after weeks of heating, comes the resurrection of the Benidorm Festival, with the renowned and chic claim of Benidorm Fest. Two semifinals (Wednesday and Thursday) and a final for next Saturday, that is, three programs live from this city that hopes to attract the youth audience and the lifelong TVE audience.

With a set made expressly for the roost, with limited audience (one of the previous ‘eurodramas’ has been in the distribution of available tickets), and with an obvious impact on social networks, but with an unexpected setback? last minute The withdrawal of Luna Ki, an artist preselected for her tender song ‘Voy a muerte’, with a tender title, is justified by her not being able to use ‘autotune’: if you don’t know how to fight, why do you get involved. The ravages of the Ómicron may bring about a few more cancellations, but the key to these days where ‘little things are coming’ (in a cute fashionable expression) lies in that, in that the magic of live shows comes where nothing can be hidden.

I’m afraid that in addition to a vibrant competition between the 13 remaining songs, we will also have guaranteed and varied tweeting Zapatistas, either because of a ‘take that plane away from me’, because of political influences when voting, because of the decision of the professional jury, or what I know, even by former Minister Máximo Huerta, presenter with Alaska and Inés Hernand. For now, there seem to be two favorites: the lyrical and powerful strength of the Galician Tanxugueiras with their ‘Terra’ (where ‘Ailaralalá’ sounds) or the magnetism of the anthem ‘Ay Mama’ by Rigoberta Bandini, with the mythical ending in ‘Lolololó’. All this with the permission of Varry Brava, Rayden, the revived Azúcar Moreno or Marta Sango from Malaga. Hopefully this Benidorm Fest is just that, a fine-tuned party where the generational change of ‘La, la, la’ is right.

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