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Extracting magnets from waste electronic devices “RaRE

Bentley aims to realize the recycling of “rare earth magnets” with the aim of technological innovation in the sustainability of electric vehicles.3Announced that it will carry out annual research activities.

Bentley2026It has a business strategy of “Beyond 100” to shift the entire lineup to hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles only by the year. With the realization of this research, there is a possibility that recycled rare earth magnets can be used for auxiliary motors for the first time in the world.

RaRERare-earth Recycling for E-machines) ”, This research is based on a method of extracting magnets from waste electronic devices devised by the University of Birmingham. The process will be scaled up and the extracted magnetic material will be recycled as a new renewable magnet for use in custom auxiliary motors.

RaREIn addition to sustainability, manufacturing special motors in this way supports the development of the UK supply chain for mass and low volume parts while minimizing the complexity of the manufacturing process.BentleyDr. Matthias Rabe, Director of Development,RaREHe commented on his research goals as follows.

“Bentley is accelerating the road to electrification,2026By the year, the entire lineup will be shifted to hybrid and electric vehicles only,2030We have set a goal of being fully electrified by the year. To that end, it is important to focus on all aspects of sustainability. We believe that procuring raw materials and parts in a sustainable manner is one of them. “

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RaREIs revolutionizing the recycling of electronic devices. We are confident that it will provide a source of custom low voltage motors for a variety of applications and lay the foundation for a fully sustainable electric vehicle. “

Bentley Starts Research Activities on Recycling Rare Earth Magnets

Not only Bentley but also highly-skilled British companies participate in RaRE. In the research period of 3 years, we will aim to realize the recycling of rare earth magnets.

R & D program with participation of various British companies

This research will be conducted in parallel with Octopus’ research program. Octopus says “e-axleFully integrated without rare earth magnets to revolutionize the electric powertrain and support the structure of electric vehiclese-axleIs intended for practical use.

This electric drive system outperforms the latest permanent magnet motors, and at the same time eliminates the need for rare earth magnets and copper windings, making it cost effective and renewable.AlsoLike OctopusRaREIn partnership with the UK government’s research funding agency, Innovate UK,OZEVOffice for Zero Emission Vehicle) ”Is a funded project.

RaREIn addition to Bentley, High Promag, Unipart Powertrain Applications, Advanced Electric Machines Research, Intelligent Lifecycle Solutions, University of Birmingham and others are participating in the event.

Nick Mann, General Manager of Operations at Hipromag, is researching a technology to scale up the recycling process developed at the University of Birmingham and convert the extracted powder into sintered magnets with the characteristics required for auxiliary motors. Commenting like this.

RaREIs a very exciting project and will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the importance and potential of recycled magnet materials.High ProMag’s recycling technology lowers carbon costs than using virgin wood and does not rely on supply from ChinaNdFebIt will be possible to manufacture magnets (neodymium magnets). “

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“Major shareholdersMkango ResourcesWe plan to further develop this business in collaboration with the company.With a proven, innovative and well-known companyRaREIt is a great honor to be able to participate in the event, and the companies will work together to apply recycled magnets and use them for the latest products.RaREYou can get a complete picture of the technology of the project. “

OZEVJohn Bray, director of research and development at the company, added:

“We have set the goal of putting the UK at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and using zero-emission vehicles, and we are very pleased to be part of this innovative project.”

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