Bentley wants to use recycled rare earths for its electric and hybrid models

The car manufacturer Bentley is collaborating with a start-up from the University of Birmingham which has developed a process for extracting rare earths from electronic waste. There is talk of using it to design magnets for electric motors.

Bentley Motors has just launched a feasibility study which intends to “revolutionize the durability electric motors ”. The objective is to develop a method for extracting the List of rare earths
It is :
15 lanthanides (chemical elements whose atomic number is between 57 and 71): lanthanum; cerium; praseodymium; neodymium; promethium; samarium … “data-image =” https: //cdn.futura “data-url =” rare-1647 / “data-more =” Read more “>rare earth The expression designates a waste disposal channel imposed by a law of August 13, 2005 for materials used in a … “data-image =” images / midioriginal / 1 / d / 2 / 1d220a8c7d_50035019_deee-docademe.jpg “data-url =” “data-more = “Read more”>electronic waste in order to recycler to design A magnet has a north pole and a south pole. Poles of the same nature repel each other, those of different nature attract. Magnets are therefore dipoles … “data-image =” “data -url = “” data-more = “Read more”>magnets for electric motors.

Called RaRE (Rare-earth Recycling for E-machines), the study in question is based on a technology patented by the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) and operated by HyProMag, the young shoot created by researchers at the origin of this innovation. The process in question makes it possible to extract rare earth electronic waste by reducing it to a powder which can then be more easily separated from the rest of the components.

Bentley works on a recyclable electric motor

As part of the partnership with Bentley, HyProMag will focus on developing a specific process to extract rare earth magnets from discarded computer hard drives. The builder Invented in 1886 by Carl Benz
The very first automobile: steam
The first draft of a mobile vehicle takes place in 1796 when the Frenchman Joseph Cugnot placed a … “data-image =” 6/4 / e646bd1b53_50037761_800px-1955-mercedes-benz-300sl-gullwing-coupe-34-right-01.jpg “data-url =” -11105 / “data-more =” Read more “>automobile intends to use this organic matter, nitrogenous matter, etc.
There are different families like:

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organic matter, which constitutes living beings (animals or plants) or … “data-image =” jpg “data-url =” “data-more =” Read more “>matter first in auxiliary electric motors not used for propulsion. This study will be conducted in parallel with the Octopus project (Optimized Components, Test and simulatiOn, toolkits for Powertrains which integrate Ultra high-speed motor Solutions) launched by Bentley last summer and whose objective is to design a fully recyclable electric motor.

From 2026 Bentley will only offer electric or hybrid models in zoology
In zoology, a hybrid designates an animal resulting from a cross between two different species. This lineage is almost always … “data-image =” ” data-url = “” data-more = “Read more”>hybrids and intends to reach 100% electric by 2030.

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