Bernières-sur-Mer: a communal orchard open to all and free for this summer

Mayor Thomas Dupont-Federici and Deputy Mayor Rachel Morel in the newly acquired plot which will become a communal orchard. (© Liberty Le Bonhomme Libre)

It’s the great end of the year affair at Bernieres-sur-Mer (Calvados). Behind a large and high wooden gate on rue Maréchal Montgomery, hides a private piece of land. Mayor Thomas Dupont-Federici says: “It all started with the collapse of the party wall between this land and the communal gardens. Rachel Morel, deputy mayor, conducted her investigation to find the owner of the wall. This is how we learned of his wish to sell this plot ”.

A plot of 750 m2

The case was concluded with the notary on Wednesday December 30, 2020. “The municipality becomes the owner of these 750 m2 for the sum of € 10,000”.

“That the Bernierais appropriate it”

The idea is to plant and develop a public communal orchard, open to all and free. “We are going to launch an appeal to constitute an advisory committee of inhabitants, surrounded by associations with knowledge such as Silva domesticus which helps in the renaturation”. A reflection will be conducted for a development plan, the choice of plantations of fruit trees, raspberries, herbs or others, in the spirit of permaculture.

“The principle is that the people of Bern make it their own, come to pick their fruits, that this place be a place of exchange”.

Thomas Dupont-Federici Mayor of Bernières-sur-Mer

Beehives, planned chicken coop

It could also be considered the establishment of beehives “and the creation of a henhouse by working with a group such as Cocott’arium in order to optimize the reduction of waste from the nearby school canteen”. Everything must therefore be created by summer.

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