Biden opposes abortion constitutional change Supreme Court orders to investigate spill | Reuters

On May 3, US President Joe Biden disagreed with reports that the Supreme Court would overturn the 1973 ruling recognizing the constitutionality of abortion, saying that “women’s right to choose abortion is fundamental.” Expressed. The photo shows Mr. Biden (2022 Reuters / Jonathan Ernst) answering a reporter’s question before leaving for Alabama on a presidential plane on the same day.

[Washington, 3rd Reuters]-US President Joe Biden said on the 3rd that the Supreme Court is expected to overturn the 1973 ruling that recognizes the constitutionality of abortion. “, And expressed opposition.

Politico, a US political website, reported on the 2nd that the Supreme Court is expected to overturn the “Roe v. Wade decision” that legalized abortion nationwide in a proceeding over the constitutionality of abortion. He said he had obtained a draft summarizing the opinions of the majority of the Supreme Court justices. Reuters has not been able to confirm the truth of the draft.

President Biden has stated that the administration is prepared to protect the right to abortion, although it is unclear whether the reported Supreme Court’s draft is true or false.

The Supreme Court’s Secretary of State Roberts issued a statement on the 3rd, admitting that the reported draft was genuine, “significantly damaging” credibility and “ordering to start an investigation into the cause of the spill.” Revealed.

He further emphasized that the draft does not indicate the “final stance” of any Supreme Court judge.

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