Biden sees the Republican chaos to lead the US Lower House as “shameful”

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, described this Wednesday as “shameful” the blocking of the election of the new leader of the House of Representatives due to the internal divisions of the Republicans.

Before embarking on a trip to Kentucky, the president told the press in the White House gardens that the blockade of the Lower House is not his “problem”, but he warned the Republicans that the show yesterday, Tuesday, was “embarrassing” and that “the rest of the world is watching”.

The House of Representatives will meet again this Wednesday to try to elect its president for the 118th legislature after failing the day before, something unprecedented in the last century.

The leader of the Republicans in the House, Californian Kevin McCarthy, lost three consecutive votes to become the new “speaker” due to a rebellion by the hardest wing of his party, grouped in the so-called Freedom Caucus.

McCarthy failed to win the 218 votes needed to be elected in any vote, despite Republicans holding a 222-seat majority that they won in last November’s midterm elections.

The small group of ultra-conservative congressmen make McCarthy ugly for not having negotiated with them a reform of the debate rules or the names to lead the congressional committees in the new legislature.

McCarthy attacked the press against the comrades who think more about “positions for themselves than in the country”, but warned that he would not go “anywhere” and that he would fight until the end.

Former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) broke the silence on Wednesday and asked his hard-line acolytes to unblock the situation and vote for McCarthy.

The regulation does not contemplate any other alternative to continuing to repeat votes until someone achieves the necessary majority to replace the until now speaker of the House, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

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