Big gains from the Française des jeux: what are the tobacconists in the country of Brest scratching?

In Idaho, on October 21, 2022, it was the grand prix of America. In stronger. That day, a regular from the bar-tobacco-PMU of Lesneven (29) snatched the jackpot at X20, a new game from the Française des jeux : €500,000. “He couldn’t believe it. Neither do I. Until the machine confirms it,” commented Gwénola Prizer a week later. The memory of this happy coincidence will long trot in the memory of the boss: “It’s the biggest gain since I took over Idaho in 2017”.

People came out of curiosity. Some from afar. It doesn’t stop

Quite enough to establish a reputation that goes beyond Leon’s field: “People came out of curiosity. Some from afar. They told me: ”At Gwénola, it brings good luck”. Besides, it doesn’t stop. Just yesterday (Wednesday, November 2, editor’s note), someone won €100 in the jackpot”.

Twice as many game sales

A coincidence that also has its share of logic since the news of the €500,000 cup triggered twice as many game sales in the Lesnevien establishment. And twice as many indirect effects of the resounding bonanza: “We don’t receive anything on the gain, whatever it is, but a commission on each ticket or lottery ticket sold”. Not totally ungrateful (nor devoid of commercial flair), the Française des Jeux has nevertheless granted the gift of an additional batch of X20 tickets.

Le Faou, a new hub for players

Excess activity at the counter is also what the Café du Centre, in Le Faou (29), brought to the notice ofa jackpot of €200,000 revealed in the Pactole game scratch card, September 19, 2022. “New players have appeared. Locals, for the most part, who come for coffee or cigarettes and who now try games at 1 or 2 € (on which the commission is the most interesting)”.

€200,000 on September 19, 2022, €20,000 last June: the Café du Centre, in Le Faou, attracts luck and gamblers. Aline Le Faou feels it on the attendance and turnover of her business. (The Telegram/Yann Le Gall)

The winner, I haven’t seen him since but it made us happy. Especially since it’s a local

The winner of the big payout was also a casual player. “I haven’t seen him since but it made us happy. Especially since it is someone from the area, ”observes Aline Le Faou. Incidentally, the owner recalls that a lucky scratcher had already pocketed €20,000, at the same place, last June. The bar-tabac-PMU also diverts users of the RN165 (between Quimper and Brest), nearby, or en route to Crozon. Result of the races: “Until October 20 (date of departure on vacation), our turnover increased by 10%”. Since the reopening on November 14, the wheel has not turned.

At the Longchamp in Brest, the million always attracts

How long does the jackpot effect last on the cash flow of the trade where the ticket was sold? At Longchamp, in Brest, the excess attendance stretched all summer, aftera winner at 1 M€ at the Euromillions was reported there on June 15, 2022. “The following week, turnover doubled,” noted Philippe Morel. The owner of the tobacco-games-newspapers of the rue du Château will draw another bonus from this publicity stunt: “We have broken the hegemony of the Longchamp du Relecq brewery. Now we know that there is another in Brest. Although I always receive calls to reserve tables, ”would bend the friendly tobacconist.

Since winning €1 million at the Euromillions, the Longchamp, in Brest, lives less in the shadow of the homonymous brewery of Relecq-Kerhuon (29).  Always it taken on a super gain that does not relate to the patr
Since winning €1 million at the Euromillions, the Longchamp, in Brest, lives less in the shadow of the homonymous brewery of Relecq-Kerhuon (29). Always that taken on a super gain which does not bring to the boss Philippe Morel any other bonus than that of the additional passage of customers in his tobacco-press (Le Télégramme / Yann Le Gall)

In the 90s, it was the golden age

The absence of a big win bonus does not erase his good mood. He became familiar with this cruel rule of the game a bunch of years ago. His mother held the former Havana, in Plabennec (29). The establishment had attracted the national spotlight in the 90s, following an incredible three in a row: three Millionaire tickets revealed three TVs there. No commission for the French Games retailer but the right to accompany “its” winners to the TV show where they activated the winning wheel – Le million! The million! The million! (That’s it, is it coming back?) She took advantage three times of “the invitation for four, with a plane trip to Paris, driver on site, restaurant, visits to monuments… It was royal. Golden age “. We bet he won’t be back anytime soon?

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