Biognosys and Bruker Partner to Provide Advanced Proteomics CRO Services to Global Biopharma and Biomarker Clients

  • New strategic partnership aims to provide access to leading CRO services and Spectronaut®– Extend Biognosys software tools for unbiased proteomics and epiproteomics
  • It is expected to benefit proteome research, disease biomarker discovery, drug discovery and development, and clinical trials utilizing pharmacoproteomics.
  • With Bruker’s investments, Biognosys plans to open advanced biomarker and drug discovery and development and clinical trial support in the pharmacoproteomics space in the United States.

SCHLERN, Switzerland and BILLERICA, Mass., Jan. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Biognosys AG and the Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR) today announced a strategic partnership under which Bruker has acquired a controlling interest in Biognosys. Financial details were not disclosed. JPMorgan acted as exclusive financial advisor to Biognosys. Several previous Biognosys investors have sold their interests to Bruker in a secondary transaction, and Bruker will make new primary investments in Biognosys.

Co-founder and CEO Dr. Oliver Rinner and his leadership team will continue to lead Biognosys as a global leader in proteomics and proteogenomics CRO services and proteomics software. Biognosys’ biomarker and biopharma customers will benefit from additional services and a larger presence in the US going forward. Biognosys will leverage Bruker’s leading 4D proteomics timsTOF technology to perform deeper, unbiased, and highly accurate proteomics unaffected by epitope cross-reactivity, with higher throughput and excellent reproducibility.

Biognosys mass spectrometry-based proteomics solutions help customers of CRO services and proteomics software uncover connections between genome, transcriptome and phenotype to explore the static as well as dynamic nature of disease biology. In particular, Biognosys’ TrueTarget™, TrueDiscovery™ and TrueSignature™ research services provide deep insights into the proteome at the peptide level for drug discovery and development:

  • TrueTarget™ is a unique solution to the pressing challenges in drug discovery by identifying on- and off-target effects and characterizing binding sites.
  • TrueDiscovery™ powered by the Spectronaut®-Proteomics software, provides unbiased, multidimensional insights into the expression, function, and structure of up to 4,200 proteins in plasma, up to 11,000 proteins in other biofluids, and up to 13,800 proteins in tissues or cell lines.
  • The highly accurate, customizable TrueSignature™ multiplex panels enable simultaneous absolute quantification of proteins for pharmacodynamic measurements and monitoring of clinical biomarkers to support pharmacoproteomically enhanced clinical trials.

The collaboration between Bruker and Biognosys is designed to create unique synergies between Biognosys’ diverse portfolio of proprietary proteomics services, software and kits and Bruker’s breakthrough timsTOF platform. As a result of the strategic partnership, Biognosys plans to open its first advanced proteomics CRO services laboratory in the United States.

dr Oliver Rinner, CEO and co-founder of Biognosys, commented: “We are excited to work with Bruker to leverage our unique synergies to enable our customers to explore the depth of the proteome from early research through clinical development. We worked closely with Bruker to develop dia-PASEF® High-throughput proteomics methods in our Spectronaut®– Software to support. Biognosys remains committed to Spectronaut® as powerful, manufacturer-independent proteomics software. We plan to set up our US CRO lab in Massachusetts with the timsTOF platform so our customers can benefit from multiple MS technologies.”

dr Rohan Thakur, president of Bruker Life-Science’s mass spectrometry business, said: “We are excited to partner with Biognosys to grow our CRO business in the United States. We have many common biomarker and biopharma customers and even more potential customers prefer an expert in proteomics CRO services like Biognosys when it comes to bringing proteomics into their biomarker or biopharma discovery and – involve development. Given the rapid scientific acceptance of dia-PASEF workflows, our partnership offers a unique combination of proteomics applications and data science expertise that more biopharma and diagnostics companies can benefit from when using unbiased proteomics for decision making.”

Emeritus professor and pioneer in the field of proteomics Dr. Ruedi Aebersold added: “For over a decade, ETH spin-off Biognosys has translated novel proteomics methods developed in our research group into robust, powerful workflows for large-scale basic and translational research. I am pleased that this new partnership between Biognosys and Bruker will further accelerate access to high-performance proteomics. It will also provide an opportunity to develop next-generation technologies and methods to determine unexplored but functionally relevant dimensions of the proteome, such as B. Modulation of proteoform composition and protein interaction networks as a function of cell state.”

Spectronaut® software for DIA mass spec proteomics analysis
Biognosys is a leading provider of unbiased proteomics CRO services Spectronaut®-Software for DIA mass spectrometry proteome analysis

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