Birianka Lyubov Gabitova started furniture production from scratch and is now expanding her business in rural areas

Studied and worked

Behind the shoulders of the Birsk businesswoman is the Kushnarenkovskaya Pedagogical College and the Institute of Law of the Bashkir State University. While studying in her second year, Lyubov began to look for a part-time job, and she was offered a vacancy as a lawyer in a furniture company.

– At first I refused, – recalls Lyubov Ildarovna. – I wanted to work in a notary’s office or in a bar association. But, having learned more about working conditions, she agreed. So, from the third to the fifth year I was engaged in legal support for nine LLCs, a large chain of furniture stores in Ufa.

And here is a red diploma. Love’s wish came true: she got a job as a lawyer in the Oktyabrsky World Court of the city of Ufa. Life went on. The first child was born, then the second, and soon, due to family circumstances, Lyubov, having lived in Ufa for 17 years, moved with her family to Birsk.

– At first, I didn’t know what to do, – says Lyubov. – I didn’t see myself anywhere except in the legal sphere. I tried to get a job in the Birsk court, but there were no vacancies. I had to register with the job center.

And then the Gabitovs bought an apartment. And when the turn came to furnish the rooms, they realized that there was trouble with upholstered furniture in Birsk. So the idea came to open their own production.

Support helps out

–I drew up a business plan, defended the project and received money under the program “Promotion of self-employment of unemployed citizens,” says the entrepreneur. “We bought the necessary tools for them. Established as a sole trader. Created three jobs in the first year. We started with ordinary sofas – “Eurobooks”. Although I am a hereditary entrepreneur, at first there were a lot of questions. Great support at that moment was provided by the business sheriff, deputy head of the district administration for economics, Yana Chernyshenko. Helped with advice, consultations, with paperwork. She drove almost everywhere by the hand. By the way, according to the results of 2021, our enterprise has become the flagship of the socio-economic development of Russia. This is also the merit of Yana Nikolaevna. There are pluses in the fact that I am a member of the Birsk branch of Opora Rossii. Thanks to this public organization, entrepreneurs can solve pressing issues in various fields. We have business chats, where useful information is periodically thrown off – on accounting, judicial practice, changes in legislation.

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The time has come when the production space in Birsk was not enough. And in the native village of Lyubov Gabitova – Pechenkino – their own premises, once an administrative two-story building, were just empty. It was, however, dilapidated, had to be restored. The walls were repaired, new windows were installed, the roof was replaced. This year the interior has been refurbished. Some of the new equipment has already been launched. Local residents are involved in the production of furniture. Refurbishment on the second floor is scheduled for next year. With the release of production at full capacity, the number of jobs will increase.

–Somehow there was a problem connecting the electricity to this building. They said it would take two months. But there was no time to wait, recalls Lyubov. She presented the project, voiced the problems, and the issue was resolved in ten days.

Overcoming difficulties

The whole republic learned about the furniture production of Lyubov Gabitova a year ago, when the head of the region, Radiy Khabirov, posted a post on his page, talking about the role of business sheriffs, about the development and support of small companies.

– This year we are thinking of entering the furniture cluster of the republic, – says Lyubov Ildarovna. By the way, this is the first furniture industrial cluster in Russia. Entry into it allows you to receive state support. Now we are preparing a package of documents. Last year, we already managed to receive financial support under the program for the development and support of small and medium-sized businesses in the form of subsidies to reimburse part of the rental payments. In general, I am very pleased that a lot of attention is paid to entrepreneurship today.

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Entrepreneurship is, of course, a responsible and complex business. Constantly need to be in good shape, on the alert, to understand the law.

– Entrepreneurship is the most extensive field of activity, – considers Lyubov Gabitova. – You are both an accountant, and an economist, and a lawyer, and a manufacturer, and a seller. And you also have to be a labor inspector, a tax officer, an inspector of Rospotrebnadzor, a state police … All this needs to be sorted out. At first, of course, it is very difficult, but then all this activity becomes the rhythm of life. Of course, my legal education was very useful for me in this regard.

Lyubov Gabitova advises young novice entrepreneurs not to be afraid of difficulties. If you decide to go into business, you need to go and do it.

– Nobody knows how to do business correctly, there is no typical secret of success, – the entrepreneur notes. – You can read a million books about how to do it, how to do it right. However, life is different. Need to try. Yes, there will be mistakes, there will be difficulties, but this is experience. It is with this experience that results come.

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