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The combination of ARIZONA’s big buckle and boa is fresh! ! Introducing a season-like pair of shoes. Lambskin boa is used for the insole, so it is comfortable even with bare feet, and it is warm and comfortable to wear with socks. Easy to move around on the platform. Off-white and rose, both are gentle colors that will definitely expand your range of coordination!



Birkenstock has a history of more than 230 years, and is a shoe brand from Germany that produces sandals that emphasize comfort, such as being used by people at medical institutions as medical shoes, and is loved by men and women of all ages. It contains the desire to “hope for the health of all people, regardless of age, gender, race or nationality.”

*The photo was taken indoors, and the color may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the lighting.

*If you feel cramped due to the thickness of the fur when you first start wearing it, loosen the belt and wear it. Fur will become familiar with you while wearing it.

*Fur is a natural material that is dyed, and the color may fade due to moisture such as sweat or rain, or friction, and may stain socks. Thank you for your understanding.

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Brand introduction



Since its founding in 1774, BIRKENSTOCK has focused on the health of people’s feet and aimed to create products that can be worn with peace of mind in any situation in order to make customers’ lives more comfortable. Sincerely addressing human rights and environmental issues, Birkenstock continues to provide high-quality products to people who are particular about quality by always delivering genuine products to customers even in situations where cheap products are flooding the market. . That’s why BIRKENSTOCK products are manufactured in our own factories in Germany, where much of the process is done by hand. The shoes are also manufactured in Portugal using traditional methods that have been preserved for centuries. Sandals go through 17 processes and shoes go through over 100 processes before being completed by craftsmen.

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