Birmingham City – Blackburn Rovers (02 January), odds and odds

On January 2, at 18:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the English Championship, in which the local club Birmingham City will take on the rival in the national championship Blackburn Rovers at their stadium.

Football clubs Birmingham City and Blackburn Rovers are hard at work preparing for a head-to-head confrontation, because its result can drastically affect the fight for the championship title. The fight will take place on January 02, and its start is scheduled by the organizers at 18:00 Moscow time. This meeting will be the first for the teams this season, and in the past, the rivals played two head-to-head matches, in which there was a 3-3 draw at the beginning, and after it the Blackburn Rovers players won at home with a score of 4-2.

BOOKMER’S RATES / RATIOS AT THE MATCH Birmingham City – Blackburn Rovers:

Sports events have appeared in the line of bookmakers, which will take place on January 02, and among football matches Birmingham City – Blackburn Rovers promises to be the most interesting. A bet on a pre-match list is possible until 18:00 Moscow time. The statistics of this confrontation has already 167 fights, in which Birmingham City has 65 wins, but the Blackburn Rovers football club managed to win 53 matches.

Birmingham City

Since in recent years the Birmingham City football club constantly shuttled between the divisions, no one expected that this year the hosts will be able to demonstrate a good level, and will not be in the relegation zone. There were no significant gains in the summer, but even without them the team shows a well-coordinated game with a powerful attacking potential. The hosts score regularly in each round, which makes it possible to occupy the eighth line in the championship. It will no longer be possible to compete for European cups due to too much lag, but the Birmingham City football club does not strive for this, since this season the head coach was tasked with strengthening the team and working to strengthen weaknesses. At home, Birmingham City does not play much better than away, but at home the team does not show too open football, and does not forget to go into defense. Today the team has a slight decline, since it has not been possible to win four matches already, and the reason for this may be the personnel situation, because the center forward, attacking midfielder and left winger are in the infirmary.

Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers FC ran a high-profile transfer campaign this summer, with fans expecting strong results. But, the season did not start at all the way he wanted, because most of the matches were lost, and the head coach still tried to introduce newcomers into the game, although they clearly did not improve the team’s game. Such stubbornness cost the mentor the job, so the guests’ management quickly invited another specialist with no less experience in this league. He immediately made adjustments to the squad, so now Blackburn Rovers football club is already a strong middle peasant and does not allow for easy points selection. From the relegation zone, the guests climbed to the tenth line, so they have already secured themselves from relegation, but they will not be able to compete for qualification in the Europa League, because due to the weak start of the season, the gap from the leaders is very large. In addition, now the team has started to decline again, as in the last six rounds they managed to score only four points. But the guests have no serious problems with the composition.

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Birmingham City – Blackburn Rovers: author’s forecast

The Birmingham City football club has only two days to rest, because the next match is already on January 2, and it does not promise to be easy, because the opponent is Blackburn Rovers. Many fans will come to support the home team at 18:00 Moscow time, who do not miss a single home match of the team. Birmingham City has not the best statistics in this confrontation, having managed to win only two matches in the last ten matches, when there were already five defeats.

Fans of Birmingham City football club are already accustomed to the fact that he constantly claims to European cups, but this season the team is losing a lot of points and is not stable, so it may be left without international tournaments next year. The hosts are only ninth in the championship, and are six points behind the coveted sixth line. But, since the football club Birmingham City managed to get out of the crisis and gained good shape, there is still a chance that the owners will reduce this gap. In the last four rounds, the team scored minimal victories, and Birmingham City practically does not lose at home, but nevertheless, it often draws. Compared to previous seasons, now the hosts have a more modest line-up, and even this game will not be able to enter the center-back and right-handed striker. Also questionable is the entry into the field of four midfield players who received minor injuries in the last match.

Last month, the Blackburn Rovers football club decided on drastic measures and decided to invite a foreign mentor with little experience. Yes, the specialist demonstrates full dedication and does not leave the training base, but this still did not allow improving the results. Blackburn Rovers remains in the relegation zone, and the gap from the saving place has only increased and is now six points. Considering the fact that the team plays extremely weak away, after this round the gap between the required line of the table and the current place can only increase. The guests did not lose in four rounds, having won two victories and drew twice, so the team is in good shape, but the rest of the teams fighting for the salvation are not showing the worst results. The new mentor has abandoned defensive tactics, so Blackburn Rovers are attacking much more and the number of goals has increased. There are three midfielders in the guests’ infirmary, two of whom are base players.

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Today the match Birmingham City – Blackburn Rovers Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Bookmakers, according to experts of our resource, offer not entirely correct odds for a football match in which the Birmingham City team and the Blackburn Rovers team will meet. In bookmakers’ offices, the clear favorite of the confrontation is the home team, and the bookmakers put too much head start on the home team. Yes, even if the game of the Blackburn Rovers team now leaves much to be desired, however, if you look at the statistics of the performance of this football club against the teams of the level of the Birmingham City team, you can see that the guests have never lost with such a handicap not at home or in away matches. Therefore, the main bet on the match between the Birmingham City team and the Blackburn Rovers team, our experts see a positive head start on the guests. The total total goals in the match is also slightly overestimated, the Birmingham City team this season does not belong to those clubs that arrange a rout to their rivals, the team is limited to a few goals scored, and then simply does not allow the opponent to attack. The guests do not miss a lot either, but in away games they think more about defense than attack. Therefore, we advise you to play less than the total total goals in the match. But the players of the Blackburn Rovers team foul a lot, so the individual total of yellow cards of the guests should be played for more, and the home team also break the rules a lot, so the total total of yellow cards for more – in this match also looks like a promising bet.

In the football match in which the Birmingham City team and the Blackburn Rovers team will take part, our experts suggest many interesting events. We proceed from the fact that both football clubs, which will meet each other, are now in good shape. There are no serious losses in the teams, some players are still recovering from injuries, but the clubs have been performing without them for a long time, and they are performing very successfully. Therefore, the absence of these players should not seriously affect the level of the game. Both teams have bright leaders who are not only not afraid to take on the game, but can also lead teammates in critical situations. The match between these clubs will not be the first in their history. The teams meet each other annually in various tournaments. The meetings of these teams are always full of sports, the desire to prove to each other who is the best football club. According to the mentors of the teams, the players will only play to win this match, as they realize the full responsibility of today’s confrontation. Recall that now the football season is in full swing, so the teams do not have time to swing, it is necessary to demonstrate stability and gain points in each match. Otherwise, the chances of getting high places in the standings can be seriously diminished. They are aware of this in the camp of one and the other team, which is why we are waiting for an uncompromising match.

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TODAY MATCH Birmingham City – Blackburn Rovers. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

The experts of our resource predict not only matches in which the giants of modern football take part, but also matches in which football clubs participate, which do not fight for high places in the championship, just trying to look no worse than the giants. The main task of such clubs is to maintain their registration for the next season. Usually, such clubs are trans-shipment bases for talented young footballers, whom I take by more titled clubs. However, the matches of such teams as the Birmingham City team and the Blackburn Rovers team are no less spectacular than the confrontation between famous football teams, in the composition of which famous football players play. Here, too, serious passions are boiling on the football field, and goals are scored no less spectacular than in the finals of famous tournaments. Our experts believe that the Birmingham City team and the Blackburn Rovers team, which are comfortably located in the middle of the standings, are quite capable of playing a productive match. This is evidenced by the statistics of these teams this season, as well as the matches among themselves, in which these clubs play productive football. The standings do not oblige these teams to play defensive football, because the relegation zone is very far away, and due to the small budget, these teams will not fight for the top places in the championship. Therefore, we think that today the teams can arrange a holiday for their fans, having played effectively, and, moreover, there is a high probability that the match will end in a draw.


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