Birmingham City – Plymouth Argyle (08th January), bets and odds

On 01/08/2022 at 20:30 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the FA Cup, in which the local club Birmingham City will take on their national championship rival Plymouth Argyle at their stadium.

Many football fans will want to watch the match between Birmingham City and Plymouth Argyle at 20:30 Moscow time. Fans will have to do it on TV, since 01/08/2022 the fight will be held in closed stands. This is due to the fact that in recent years at such matches there have been constant fights between fans and the police, and the last meeting of the teams was never finished, because the referee stopped it ahead of schedule.

Birmingham City – Plymouth Argyle. WHO IS FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

Birmingham City and Plymouth Argyle players will enter the football field at 20:30 Moscow time. The fight is scheduled for 01/08/2022, and despite the fact that the last time the teams met only two weeks ago, a lot of things have changed in both teams. In that match, the Plymouth Argyle players celebrated the victory with a score of 3-2, but this time events may unfold in a completely different scenario. The statistics of head-to-head matches has 38 fights, in which Plymouth Argyle has 16 wins, and Birmingham City FC has nine.

Birmingham City

Birmingham City Football Club is unlikely to be able to avoid a demotion, so its debut season will likely be its last. The team did not do any work on strengthening the roster in the summer, and the players were simply not ready for a higher level. As a result, the hosts occupy the last line in the championship, and the lag behind the saving place only increases. At the moment it is already nine points. If at the beginning of the season the Birmingham City football club still went into deep defense and many matches ended in a draw, then later this tactic failed, so now the team is issuing a streak of six defeats. In these matches, the hosts conceded three or four goals, and in general the defense of FC Birmingham City is the weakest in the championship. But, even in spite of such weak results, the head coach was still left in his post, and he continues to lead the team. As an outsider, the center and defensive midfielders, right winger and left back will not enter the field.

Plymouth Argyle

Even according to the results of last season, it was clear that the head coach of Plymouth Argyle football club was not able to set up the game, but since the relegation was avoided, the mentor was left at the helm of the team. But, the start of this season turned out to be disgusting, so the coach was given an ultimatum in the form of three victories, but he did not fulfill it. The foreign specialist was replaced by a local coach, who during his career managed to work a little with more than a dozen clubs from this championship. The result was not long in coming, so that Plymouth Argyle football club managed to leave the relegation zone and climb at least twelfth line, although the outsiders are a short distance of three points. On the road, Plymouth Argyle never plays as well as at home, but now the guests are in good shape, as they played a streak of six unbeaten matches, which was interrupted only in the last round. One of the main strikers was out of action for three months.

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Match forecast

At 20:30 Moscow time, the players from Birmingham City and Plymouth Argyle will appear on the football field to play a face-to-face duel as part of the prestigious tournament. Since its organizers have scheduled this meeting for 01/08/2022, the teams have a limited time to prepare for the game. This is the second meeting of these teams, and in the first football club Birmingham City showed its character, losing after the first half with a score of 0-2, but still managing to win in the end with a score of 4-3.

For many years, the football club Birmingham City has been among the strongest at this tournament, but it still does not work to compete for the trophy, since the hosts are in second place at best. This season, the team is in third place, and it will definitely not rise higher, because the gap from the second line is thirteen points. Now the most important thing for the football club Birmingham City is not to go lower so as not to leave the qualifying zone for the Champions League, because although the team has an advantage of five points, the rivals are now in good shape and practically do not lose points. This season, Birmingham City Football Club is playing better away than at home, as the team has already lost four times at home. The hosts act well in defense, but the attack is far from the strongest in the championship. The center forward and the left midfielder have been retired for a long time, but four midfielders are also questionable, of which two are key.

Last month, the management of the Plymouth Argyle football club decided on drastic measures and decided to invite a foreign mentor with little experience. Yes, the specialist demonstrates complete dedication and does not leave the training base, but this still did not allow improving the results. Plymouth Argyle remains in the relegation zone, and the gap from the saving place has only increased and is now six points. Considering the fact that the team is playing extremely weak away, after this round the gap between the required line of the table and the current place can only increase. The guests did not lose in four rounds, having won two victories and drew twice, so the team is in good shape, but the rest of the teams fighting for the salvation show not the worst results. The new mentor has given up defensive tactics, so Plymouth Argyle is attacking much more and the number of goals scored has increased. There are three midfielders in the guests’ infirmary, two of whom are base players.

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Today the match Birmingham City – Plymouth Argyle Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

The confrontation between Birmingham City and Plymouth Argyle is a match in which the home team must take points. The experts of our resource, taking into account the statistics of the clubs ‘performances this season, as well as taking into account the statistics of the teams’ performances among themselves, came to the opinion that in this match the Birmingham City team will make every effort to win. The fact is that the tournament position for the home team turned out to be rather difficult, despite the fact that the team still has enough matches ahead, but the current place in the standings does not suit either the owners or the players themselves. Something must be done urgently with this, so a new mentor was invited to the team, who had already managed to make several personnel changes. The guests are an ordinary middle peasant, a team that occupies a comfortable place in the middle of the tournament table and does not claim high places. In personal meetings, the advantage is on the side of the home team, and given the need to win, our experts believe that the Birmingham City team is simply obliged to win this match, and we propose to place bets on this. The total number of goals in the match is seen to be more, since the home team is unlikely to give up attacking after a goal has been scored, and the guests are not one of those teams that will sit out in defense. So, we believe that the team’s total goals announced by the bookmakers will be hit. Regarding violations of the rules, there will be a lot of them in the match, since the teams play dirty in the championship, therefore, we advise you to play for more than the total number of yellow cards.

In the football match, in which the Birmingham City team and the Plymouth Argyle team will take part, our experts suggest many interesting events. We proceed from the fact that both football clubs, which will meet each other, are now in good shape. There are no serious losses in the teams’ lineups, some players are still recovering from injuries, but the clubs have been performing without them for a long time, and they are performing very successfully. Therefore, the absence of these players should not seriously affect the level of the game. Both teams have bright leaders who are not only not afraid to take on the game, but can also lead teammates in critical situations. The match between these clubs will not be the first in their history. The teams meet each other annually in various tournaments. The meetings of these teams are always full of sports struggle, the desire to prove to each other who is the best football club. According to the coaches of the teams, the players will only play to win this match, as they are aware of the full responsibility of today’s confrontation. Recall that now the football season is in full swing, so the teams do not have time to swing, it is necessary to demonstrate stability and gain points in each match. Otherwise, the chances of getting high places in the standings can be seriously diminished. They are aware of this in the camp of one and the other team, which is why an uncompromising match awaits us.

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TODAY MATCH Birmingham City – Plymouth Argyle. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Football lovers have long been waiting for a match in which Birmingham City football players and Plymouth Argyle football players will play against each other. Today these two football clubs are the symbols of real football. These teams include famous footballers who make millions fall in love with their play. At the helm of the teams are renowned managers who have colossal experience of working with famous footballers and titled teams. In the current championship, as befits the giants, the Birmingham City team and the Plymouth Argyle team are fighting for the highest places. Our experts believe that the confrontation between these teams today will become special, since in case of defeat, one of the rivals will seriously complicate the task of fighting for a high place in the championship. Therefore, in today’s match, both clubs will play only to win, by the way, this has already been announced by the team managers. It is planned that at the beginning of the match all the players of the base of one and the other team will be present on the football field. Of course, managers can be tricky and hold back the main players by refreshing the game with substitutions. However, our experts do not know anything about this. We believe that this match will be bright and memorable, so we recommend not to miss the game. Our experts made sure that the match was not only spectacular, but also profitable, our predictions for this match can be found below.


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