Birmingham City U23 – Newcastle United U23 (21.01.2022), betting odds

On January 21, 2022 at 22:00 Moscow time, a match will be held as part of the England championship, in which the local club Birmingham City U23 will host the rival in the national championship Newcastle United U23 at their stadium.

Football clubs Birmingham City (23) and Newcastle United (23) are diligently preparing for a face-to-face confrontation, because its result can drastically affect the fight for the league title. The fight will take place on January 21, 2022, and its start is scheduled by the organizers at 22:00 Moscow time. This meeting will be the first for the teams this season, and in the past the opponents played two head-to-head matches, in which at first there was a 3-3 draw, and after it the Newcastle United (23) players won at home with a score of 4-2.

BETTING OFFERS/ORDERS FOR THE MATCH Birmingham City U23 – Newcastle United U23:

Football fans will not be able to miss the Birmingham City U23 vs Newcastle United U23 matchup scheduled for 21 January 2022 at 22:00 CET. The giants of world football meet, and a prestigious trophy is at stake, so the result of the game is of great importance for both teams. Previously, there were 24 matches between them, in which Newcastle United (23) players won more victories – ten to seven. This season Birmingham City (23) and Newcastle United (23) play each other for the first time.

Birmingham City (23)

Last season for the football club Birmingham City (23) can not be called successful, because the team missed the league title and the Champions League. Because of this, the head coach was fired and a new foreign specialist was invited. With him, the hosts led the championship for several months, but then a slight decline followed, which nevertheless cost the football club Birmingham City (23) leadership. So, now the team is already second, and the gap from the first line is eight points. Moreover, again there is no guarantee that the hosts will break into the most prestigious European tournament, since the team from the third line has the same number of points, while the fourth and fifth places are one and two points behind, respectively. At home, Birmingham City (23) plays much better than away, but still this is not the home game that fans saw the year before last. After five matches without a win, the hosts won twice in the last four rounds, but also suffered one defeat. The left-back suffered a sprain in training and will not be able to play in this match.

Newcastle United (23)

Every season, the football club Bad Gleichenberg starts worse and worse, but this time the start was just a failure, because the first points managed to get hold of only in the eighth round. In the course of this season, the team already had two coaching resignations, and the last mentor was still able to improve the game a little, because if earlier the guests were at the bottom of the standings, now they are already fourteenth, slightly ahead of the relegation zone. True, most points are scored on the home arena, but on the road the team misses too much, and it rarely scores. However, with this coach, the football club Newcastle United (23) lost only once in six rounds, scoring two victories. The disqualification will prevent the left and central midfielders from playing, and the right defender and the reserve goalkeeper are in the infirmary.

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Match forecast

On January 21, 2022, the organizers of the tournament made only one football match Birmingham City (23) – Newcastle United (23), so there is no doubt that at 22:00 Moscow time a lot of fans’ attention will be riveted to it. There are teams of almost equal strength, because the history of this confrontation also speaks of equal chances of winning, because if Birmingham City (23) has seventeen victories, then the football club Newcastle United (23) won nineteen of them.

For the first time in its history, the football club Birmingham City (23) managed to go so far in the hierarchy of local football, because the team had previously played in the regional leagues for a long time, and nothing foreshadowed such success. But, now it is very important for the owners to gain a foothold in this division, and it will not be easy to do this, given the team’s not the strongest line-up. Yes, during the last transfer window, two newcomers were bought, who should close problematic positions, but still the level of the rest of the players is slightly inferior to most of the representatives of the division. While Birmingham City (23) is not in the relegation zone, but it is only one point away, so any defeat can lower the hosts to outsiders. At home, the team plays a little better than away, but still, the defense of the debutant is very unreliable, so he regularly lets the football club Birmingham City U23 into his own net. This month, the hosts have added a little, as there were two wins and two draws in four rounds. The left-back twisted his leg in the last match, which will not allow him to play in this match.

After Newcastle United (23) football club finished fifth last year, the head coach was lured away by a richer team, so this season the guests spend under the guidance of a new specialist who does not have much experience in this championship, as earlier in mainly worked with clubs from the lower divisions. Not surprisingly, Newcastle United (23) are showing weaker results, and the chances to break into European competition have already been lost. The guests are only in thirteenth place, and the team can play the end of the season, as the remaining matches no longer matter much. The distance to the relegation zone is twelve points, so the team is not in danger of relegation, but it is unlikely that they will be able to rise above the tenth line. In addition, Newcastle United (23) are now in mediocre form, having won only one victory in the last five rounds, when there were three defeats. Not only did four key players leave Newcastle United (23) during the last transfer window, but the best striker is now injured.

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Today match Birmingham City U23 – Newcastle United U23 Predictions from BC BaltBet

Bookmakers, according to the experts of our resource, offer not entirely correct odds for a football match between the team of Birmingham City (23) and the team of Newcastle United (23). In bookmakers, the clear favorite of the confrontation is the home team, and the bookmakers put too much odds on the home team. Yes, although the game of the team Newcastle United U23 leaves much to be desired now, however, if you look at the statistics of the performances of this football club against teams of the level of Birmingham City U23, you can see that the guests have never lost with such a handicap away from home, not in away matches. Therefore, the main bet on the match between the team of Birmingham City (23) and the team of Newcastle United (23) our experts see a plus handicap on the guests. The total number of goals in the match is also slightly overstated, the Birmingham City U23 team this season is not one of those clubs that defeat their opponents, the team limits itself to a few goals scored, and then simply does not allow the opponent to attack. The guests also do not miss much, but in away matches they think more about defense than attack. Therefore, the total total goals in the match, we advise you to play for less. But the players of the Newcastle United team (23) foul a lot, so the individual total of yellow cards of the guests should be flirted with more, and the home team also break the rules a lot, so the total total of yellow cards for more – in this match also looks like a promising bet.

A few years ago, no one could have imagined that most of the famous football clubs would adopt attacking tactics. In previous years, football managers actively combined an attacking style of play with a defensive one, resulting in a kind of hybrid that allowed stronger teams to take the lead in the score, and then, thanks to skillful defensive actions, close in defense and calmly bring the match to victory. This style was used by many football clubs, but now everything has changed. With the arrival of a young group of coaches, the teams began to pay more and more attention to attack, forgetting about defense. Because of this, most matches end with a large number of goals scored. Moreover, even when the championship leader and one of the outsiders meet, both teams score in the match, only the leader scores a few goals more. Of course, fans like this approach, as football matches turn into an unforgettable spectacle with an abundance of scoring chances and goals. Therefore, today our experts will try to predict the match between Birmingham City U23 and Newcastle United U23, in which, in our opinion, many goals will be scored, because these teams can be attributed to clubs playing attacking football. A more detailed description of the forecast can be found below, the only thing I would like to add is that the game should not disappoint all true football fans with its spectacle.

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TODAY MATCH Birmingham City U23 – Newcastle United U23. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Football fans have been waiting for a match between Birmingham City (23) and Newcastle United (23) for a long time. Today, these two football clubs are symbols of real football. The compositions of these teams are famous football players who make millions fall in love with themselves with their game. At the helm of the teams are well-known managers with vast experience of working with famous football players and titled teams. In the current championship, as befits the giants, the team of Birmingham City (23) and the team of Newcastle United (23) are fighting for the highest places. Our experts believe that the confrontation between these teams today will be special, because in case of defeat, one of the opponents will seriously complicate the task of fighting for a high place in the championship. Therefore, in today’s match, both clubs will play only to win, by the way, team managers have already announced this. It is planned that at the beginning of the match all the players of the base of one and the other team will be present on the football field. Of course, managers can go to the trick and hold back the main players, refreshing the game with substitutions. However, our experts know nothing about this. We believe that this match will be bright and memorable, so we recommend not to miss the game. Our experts made sure that the match was not only spectacular, but also profitable, our predictions for this match can be found below.


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