“Birmingham is a junkyard”: the Conservative Party conference begins with an embarrassing blue-on-blue line

The Conservative Party’s annual conference got off to an awkward start after an activist was forced to apologize for calling host city Birmingham “a landfill.”

Daniel Grainger, president of the Young Conservatives Network, promptly deleted the offensive tweet after being reprimanded by Conservative West Midlands Mayor Andy Street.

“Then pop in and take anyone with the same opinions with you,” Mr. Street replied.

“Try to take some time to grow and understand why this city is so special while you are away.”

He later added: “I might be a conservative, but I’m also a damn proud Brummie. I don’t want anyone who has never lived or breathed this place trying to tear us down ”.

Mr. Grainger apologized stating that the tweet was in response to an incident in which someone attempted to assault him shortly after he arrived in Birmingham.

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street blew up a young conservative activist for his comments on Birmingham (Photo: Jacob King / PA Wire)

“My tweet in relation to Birmingham wasn’t about the city or its people. I have always enjoyed my visits to your city, but this morning I was greeted by a person who threatened me with robbery. I was angry and I tweeted without thinking, I apologize for any offense caused, ”wrote Grainger.

“I would also like to apologize directly to Andy Street, the Conservatives and other Birmingham representatives for my ill-conceived comments. Now I have deleted the tweet ”.

The blue-on-blue line will delight their Labor opponents after their party conference was characterized by a general sense of greater optimism and camaraderie than in previous years.

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Recent polls have shown that Labor have a 33-point lead over the Conservatives.

If the results were to be replicated in the general election, they would give Sir Keir Starmer a landslide victory in the House of Commons.

There are already rumors of Conservative MPs delivering no-confidence letters to the Prime Minister and some believe the party conference in Birmingham is his last chance to save his post as premier.

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