Birmingham, moments of terror for two parents

Stolen car with children on board, two young people arrested in the UK

They steal a car in UK with very small children sitting on the seats. The main protagonists of the episode are two teenagers who will now have to defend themselves from the accusations of kidnapping, theft, in addition to paying the damage provoked by other means.

Car theft and escape

The each other it happened on Saturday 20 February, around 5 pm, in the streets of Birmingham. The kids have in possession of the half and they fled to high speed through the streets of the city. Several damaged vehicles and a lot of fear. The car took off against traffic also there freeway, taking enormous risks.

The little ones aboard the Seat Leon are two and four years old. The support of a helicopter is also necessary to identify the vehicle. Fortunately the car was blocked at a junction, but despite this the boys fled. Shortly after, however, the policemen arrested them and took them to the police station. L’Chase it did not cause any consequences for the children who have finally returned to their parents’ arms.

A 34-year-old man traveled against traffic for 40 km on the A1 motorway, from Rioveggio (near Florence). Panic broke out immediately among motorists. The intervention of the police was fundamental, who had to ram the car and shoot against the tires to stop the person driving. TO Bari a disabled woman was the victim of the theft of the Fiat Doblò equipped to allow the regular movement of Maria Elena. After several social appeals, it ended in the best possible way, car found and apology note from the thieves. The vehicle was parked near the Di Venere hospital.

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