Birmingham – sights and places of interest

Interesting places and facts about the city of Birmingham in England

Located in the heart of the West Midlands. It is the second largest city in the UK. Its extensive network of attractions is attributed to the city’s eventful history. The land where Birmingham is now located was inhabited thousands of years ago. For some time it was under the rule of the Romans. The city itself was founded in the 6th century. In the 13th century, impressive fairs were held here, which left their mark on the history of the country. Due to its location, it developed dynamically and in the 16th century was a manufacturing center. It is a city of contrasts, where the most modern places intersect with ancient buildings. There are many attractions in the city. This is the “custodian” of the country’s historical values. Different centuries are represented by different buildings. Once here, the tourist enters the time machine. When you visit the Gothic-style St. Martin’s Church, you find yourself in the 13th century. Here you can also take a look at the bells that appeared in the 16th century. But it is worth going a little further, to the Royal Cathedral, built in the style of classicism, and the Cathedral of Sant Chad, which is an example of neo-Gothic, you find yourself in the 18th century. The further path will take you to our time, represented by art galleries, ultra-modern buildings.

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