Bizarra bets to grow with collaborative beers – 01/15/2021

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Collaboration is an ingredient for the production of craft beer In uruguay. That is what the Uruguayan brand is betting on Bizarre as a way to continue its growth.

Beer Shaving, leadered by Santiago Deicas and Mariano Mazzola, is forging different alliances to develop collaborative beerss with colleagues from other countries.

«We have just made an alliance with a brewery of Argentina (Lost Toys) and with one of Chile (Kross) », Deicas explained, adding that other projects involve labels from Brazil (with the Dádiva brand), Alaska (49th State), Patagonia (Saloon) and Peru (Invictus).

The pandemic It will force collaborative beers to vary their manufacturing “recipe”: instead of those responsible for international brands coming to Uruguay to cook the products together with the Bizarra team, they will make the drink following the directives dictated via Zoom.

«We connect and we cook. They are on the other side of the screen, “he commented. Deicas, who in addition to promoting Bizarra craft beer is the strategy director of the famous bodega that bears his last name.

Projected alliances include brands from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and the US.

The commitment to strategic alliances is not limited to foreign brands but also reaches local proposals.

Thus, the factory where Bizarra makes —An enterprise led by Deicas, Mazzola and Mathias Braun, inaugurated last year and with the capacity to produce 50,000 liters per month— will be the production hub for other national brands such as La Fuerza (created by a group of women), Tremenda ( returning to the market) and Ibira Pitá (from the agroecological producer Laura Rosano).

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2020 forced Bizarra to change his plans. The venture had planned to expand abroad (it already had a presence in Peru) and reach countries such as Argentina, Paraguay and Chile, but the coronavirus pandemic affected that plan. Mazzola indicated that it will be necessary to wait for the situation in those markets to clear up before eventually resuming the initiative.

San Fermento

Given the context, Bizarra will strengthen its strategy in the domestic market, with a focus on bars.

As part of that plan, the idea is to continue promoting the sub-brands Mr. Lúpulo and Sourtopía (of sour beers), and a nearby project like Underground Beer Club (a Mazzola development dedicated to specialty beers).

Under the Underground Beer Club brand they developed a Uruguayan Grape Ale product that is presented as “the meeting between beer and wine”

That brand created a new product last year, the Uruguayan Grape Ale, presented as “the meeting between beer and wine.” It is a smooth blonde beer to which grape must is added and it is fermented again. The product goes through a process similar to champagne. The first batch was about 300 liters; another 600 await in barrels and will be placed this year.

Although the accent is on the bars, the e-commerce it is another avenue to exploit, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic. Bizarra has the site, inspired by the fictitious “patron saint of craft beer.” The character, who has behind the work of a historian and the support of the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII), is inserted in different moments in Uruguayan history. In this way, it seeks to position the drink and shelter the various brands of this beer collective.

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