BLM: Matt Dumba continues the fight despite everything

Some recent events in the news have brought attention back to the Black Lives Matter movement and racial injustices in the United States. In this regard, hockey player Matt Dumba had one disturbing incident to tell the media to say the least after his Thursday practice with the Minnesota Wild.

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When asked by The Athletic about his life since last summer, when he joined the protest movement among professional athletes by kneeling on the ground during the American national anthem, Dumba recounted a rather distressing event.

“I tried to send my car to Arizona this summer and the guy [de la compagnie d’expédition] started saying racist things to me on the phone and that I should keep kneeling during the national anthem. He didn’t send it, ”said Dumba.

Eventually, two valets at his apartment building heard the story and decided to drive the car to Arizona.

“There are people who hate us. But I have a lot of good people around me who support what I do, ”said the defender.

The decision of a Wisconsin prosecutor not to lay charges against the policeman who opened fire on Jacob Blake last summer in Kenosha rekindled the pain of many African Americans this week. Several NBA players have demonstrated peacefully against this decision in recent days.

With this gesture, they also wanted to denounce the more conciliatory treatment reserved for the pro-Trump demonstrators who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday in Washington, compared to those who demonstrated as part of the Black Lives Matter movement last summer. .

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