Bloodcurdling images: tornadoes hit the night!

A tornado is already an immense danger. But multiple tornadoes forming as night falls, it’s literally a disaster movie script. This is unfortunately what happened during the evening of last Friday.

Colossal damage and several deaths

Homes destroyed to their foundations, warehouses collapsing and even a train derailment…the tornadoes that hit the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois wreaked havoc on their passage.

Hundreds of people also found themselves trapped in partially collapsed buildings as they tried to protect themselves.

The toll of injured and dead is still ongoing. So far, about ten tornado-related deaths have been reported. But according to what the governor of Kentucky indicated to the journal le New York Postthe death toll could reach 50 to 70 dead for the city of Mayfield, Kentucky alone!

Similarly, the number of injured could be in the hundreds or even thousands across the southern United States and the Midwest.

As of this writing, the strength of the tornadoes has yet to be confirmed. However, some observers suggest that the one that hit the town of Mayfield could be an EF-3 tornado.

Not at the end of their sentence…

The risk of severe thunderstorms will still persist for these areas and could even extend to southern Michigan and northern Ohio early Saturday.

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