Bloom Energy – 10MW fuel cells to Taiwan. Bloom’s ‘Most Energy Efficient System’ for Producing Green Hydrogen?

Through the zrecently placed capital increase of USD 388.7 million Bloom can “relax” bear the start-up losses and high investments to reap the rewards of the $3.00/kg US hydrogen tax subsidy package. Through Biden’s initiative, the USA sees itself as the future leading hydrogen hub in the world, which Nel recently confirmed by committing to building a Heroya-scale US production facility. And as one of the few hydrogen players, Bloom Energy delivered Q3 numbers above analysts’ expectations: Sales $292.3 million – about 10% above median expectations of $275 million. And an EPS of minus USD 0.20, at least better than the expected minus USD 0.22.

On December 30, 2022, a white spot on the map of Asia was filled – in the search for further customers for what Bloom says is the most energy-efficient green hydrogen production method: high-temperature electrolysis from Bloom Energy.

Bloom Energy Corp. (ISIN:US0937121079) has reached an agreement with Unimicron, a manufacturer of chip substrates and printed circuit boards (PCB), for the use of up to 10 MW fuel cells in Unimicron plants in Taiwan. Installations will begin in 2023 and be completed by 2026. This will become Bloom Energy’s Solid Oxide Fuel Cell based Energy Server in four Asian countries.

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“Bloom’s superior energy technology capabilities are attractive to companies that need reliable energy,” said Tim Schweikert, Senior Managing Director, International
Business Development, Bloom Energy
. “This applies in particular to semiconductor factories, which have to serve an uninterrupted global demand for their products. Bloom’s fuel-flexible platform can meet Unimicron’s needs today with fuels that are available now, and they can transition to renewable fuels and hydrogen as those sources become more widely available.”

Reliable, quality power is critical to manufacturing operations, particularly in the semiconductor and printed circuit board industries, due to the global demand for their products and the cost of electrical power relative to their bottom line. Production facilities are also carbon-intensive. Taiwan has set ambitious decarbonization targets for its industries. Bloom’s Energy Server, which can generate electricity from a variety of fuels without burning, can play an important role in Taiwan’s decarbonization.

Power supply from fuel cells – green in the medium term

Bloom’s energy platform can be configured to create a microgrid that can operate alongside or independently of a power grid. When fueled with an underground pipeline system fuel source such as natural gas, they are less susceptible to the effects of extreme weather conditions, allow for safe, continuous operation, and avoid the costly consequences of unplanned downtime. Bloom’s technology also allows customers to plan against price fluctuations by locking in a large portion of their electricity bills with multiple financing options and flexible terms.

Work for Bloom Energy’s 2GW manufacturing facility

Bloom inaugurated a mega-gigawatt manufacturing facility in Fremont, California in July 2022 to meet growing demand for its technology. The $200 million investment enabled the construction of a 164,000 square foot facility, followed by the opening of a new research center and global hydrogen development facility in Fremont, growing Bloom’s footprint there to more than 524,000 square feet . Additionally, Bloom added a high-volume commercial electrolyzer line at its Newark, Delaware facility, increasing the generation capacity of the company’s electrolyzers to two gigawatts. The award-winning technology is the most energy-efficient design to date to produce clean hydrogen.

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