BMW iX with super battery: 1,200 km range possible

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Created: 01/05/2023, 04:50 am

Von: Marcus Efler


So far, BMW has held back in the race for a record range – but that could change with a new super battery.

Novi (Michigan, USA) – How important is range for an electric car? Quite: Many potential customers still suffer from the fear of getting stuck in front of their destination or the next charging station – even if it’s more of a psychological than technical problem acts. newcomers like Lucid advertise with maximum valuesand Mercedes is happy about one Record run of over 1,000 kilometers.

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However, the Vision EQXX is a prototype with an aerodynamically optimized body that is not very practical. Now believes that even a bulky SUV, like the one sold by the dealer, could achieve enormous ranges BMW – and tests in current model iX a super battery from the USA.

1,200 km range possible: The BMW iX. (Iconic image) © Uwe Fischer/BMW

BMW iX with super battery: 1,200 km range possible

Battery packs from Our Next Energy from Michigan are then stuck in the underbody. Their technology combines two types of battery cells: the familiar ones based on lithium-ion, plus a range booster LFP cells (lithium iron phosphate), which contain less controversial chemistry and also increasingly from Tesla be used.

Overall, this system should push the range of the BMW iX to up to 1,200 kilometers – compared to the maximum of 630 kilometers that would be almost twice as much. Last year proved that this goal does not seem utopian Tesla Model S, which also managed a good 1,200 kilometers with the super battery on an economy drive.

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BMW iX with super battery: Series production still uncertain

Paradoxically, for these two e-car manufacturers of all things, an extreme range is not one of the primary goals. That’s what Tesla CEO said Elon Musk that there were more important things. And even at BMW there are internal considerations that Not to overestimate PR-related reach values. Not least because of this, it is still an open question whether the 1,200-kilometer SUV will go into series production.

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