Bolsonaro confirms his admission to a Florida hospital for an intestinal problem

First modification: 10/01/2023 – 10:00Last modification: 10/01/2023 – 09:58

Orlando (United States) (AFP) – Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confirmed on Monday his admission to a hospital in Orlando (Florida), in the southeastern United States, due to an intestinal “adhesion”, in a message posted on his social networks.

“After being stabbed in Juiz de Fora/MG (Minas Gerais, eastern Brazil, in 2018), I underwent 5 operations. Since the last one, for 2x (twice) I had (intestinal) adhesions that led me to other medical procedures “, reported the far-right ex-president on Twitter and Instagram, accompanying his message with a photo of him in his hospital bed.

“Yesterday, new adherence and hospital discharge in Orlando/USA,” he added, before thanking his followers for their “prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.”

Hours earlier, Bolsonaro’s wife, Michelle, had confirmed the former president’s hospitalization, after the Brazilian outlet O Globo announced in the morning that he was at the AdventHealth center in the town of Celebration, south of Orlando.

The news came a day after thousands of supporters of Bolsonaro, who lost the 2022 elections to leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, stormed the Brazilian Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court, wreaking havoc.

The former president has presented health problems derived from the stabbing that almost cost him his life in September 2018, just before his election as president.

Intestinal obstructions, occlusions or adhesions: he has been urgently hospitalized half a dozen times and re-operated six times since 2018.

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