Bomb cyclone hits the USA – those affected see snow storm humorously

Large parts of the USA are affected by a violent winter storm. Bild: AP / Charlie Neibergall

Miriam Meyer

a day before Christmas currently prevails in the USA a “historically” severe winter storm, which caused strong winds and extreme cold with temperatures around minus 45 degrees Celsius in the states of Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming on Thursday. US media, citing weather experts, warned of the possible development of a special and severe storm a so-called “bomb cyclone”.

USA: Even freeze warnings in the southern states

Sometimes it gets so cold that there is a risk of frostbite within minutes, the authorities warned. For around 180 million People is there a weather warning of some kind. The north and central west of the country are particularly affected – but also the south of the USA. An extreme frost warning has been issued for the states of Louisiana, parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Texas. “Life-threatening” temperatures with strong winds are expected in some parts of the country.

As it makes its way east across the country, the storm is expected to become a bomb cyclone, a rapidly strengthening storm. The storm’s pressure is expected to be that of a Category 2 hurricane.

“This is not like a childhood snow day”President Joe Biden warned the population of the days to come.

13 states declare a state of emergency

The Arctic storm front has now left thousands without power and prompted more than a dozen governors to draw up contingency plans ahead of Christmas weekend, like America’s TV channel “CNN” reported. Emergency measures have been taken in at least 13 states, including southern states such as Georgia and North Carolina, to respond to the storm. The declaration of states of emergency in several states involved the activation of National Guard units.

In view of the freezing temperatures, the condition of the roads in many places was still very bad on Friday. According to a report in the newspaper “USA Today”, three people died in traffic accidents caused by the severe winter storm in the US state of Kansas on Thursday life came.

“Driving Home for Christmas” falls flat for many

For many people who want to travel to their families over Christmas, this should now be difficult. media reports according to more than 2,600 flights were canceled on Friday. The airports in Chicago and Detroit are among the most important hubs in the country, and severe snowstorms are expected there. Strong winds, rain and ice could also affect freeways and airports in the east coast metropolises of Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

December 22, 2022, USA, Chicago: Information signs can be seen in Terminal 3 of O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.  Fresh air moves east through the center of the United States, with we...

At the airport in Chicago, there are first tips for travelers on what to do if the flight is cancelled. Image: AP / Nam Y Huh

Twitter reactions are humorous despite the winter chaos

on Twitter Nevertheless, some users took the winter chaos shortly before Christmas humorously. Some “hard-nosed” Northerners jokingly shared tips for Southerners who are otherwise not used to such cold temperatures: “Southerners are urged not to travel unless absolutely necessary. Northerners you should put on the warmer coats.”

But also in Iowa, a US state in the northwest of the USA, the winter storm caused chaos and failures – so that a sports reporter had to be in front of the camera for several hours to report in the live stream.

He was visibly frozen and was becoming increasingly “cranky”, which he did not withhold from the news moderator: “I usually report on sports, everything here has been canceled for today, so best time to let the sports reporter get up and come in five hours earlier than normal to let him stand outside in the wind, snow and coldjust to tell other people not to do it.”

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