Borse Express – UniDoc Signs Memorandum of Understanding to Support Veterans and Low-Income Patients in Arizona

UniDoc signs memorandum of understanding in support of veterans and patients low-income in Arizona

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Sirach Health and Wellness Inc. testet an initial Solution for up to 10,000 customers.

Vancouver, BC22. March 2022 UniDoc Health Corp. („UniDoch Health” or that “company“) (WKN: A3C87U – CSE: UDOCISIN: CA90468F1027)an innovative company in the field of telemedicine, is glad the conclusion of a Letter of Intent (“MOU”) Sirach Health and Wellness Inc. (“Sirach“) of Tucson, Arizona.

Sirach is dedicated to becoming Arizona’s premier health and wellness center for physicians, employees and shareholders by providing essential, quality, patient-centered healthcare in the communities in which it operates. The goal of Sirach is to remove the traditional barriers and challenges in delivering health care to those who do not have access, do not have the resources and do not know how to ensure health care.

The LOI sets out the terms for conducting trials of the UniDoc Virtual Care Solution kiosk system, with the intention of reaching a definitive agreement within four weeks. It is proposed that the initial contract will consist of thirty (30) kiosks capable of supporting approximately 10,000 patients.

The program will initially be rolled out in Tucson, with plans to expand across the state. The kiosk-based diagnostic support is initially intended to serve veterans, the homeless and low-income populations in the area benefit.

Sirach has informed that man plants Patients To provide access to a network of dedicated physicians and medical personnel funded in part by the Arizona state government, the Department of Veteran’s Affairslocal authorities and corporate donors.

The letter of intent, entered into on March 6, 2022, provides for an unlimited, exclusive partnership, subject to a definitive, binding agreement, to deploy the Virtual Care Solutions Model kiosks in independent locations throughout Arizona and wherever both meet Parties agree on commercial terms. The proposed service fees and royalties are based on patient population modeling and are subject to a mutually binding 5-year commitment.

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“Virtual care has emerged as an affordable and accessible alternative for providing frontline medical assessment to the underprivileged and underserved citizens of Arizona, America and beyond. This is a great opportunity to leverage technology effectively and intensive to use. We are very excited to be working with the UniDoc team and can’t wait to deploy these kiosks in the community,” said Dr. Lynn P. Hall, COO of Sirach Health and Wellness Inc.

The “Virtual Care Solutions Model” is a proprietary, customizable and comprehensive telehealth solution that integrates a range of physical products, web-based services and analytics tools, and access to the company’s evolving network of healthcare providers, pharmacies and hospitals.

Antonio BaldassarreCEO of UniDoc, states, “America is a rich country with a complex and costly healthcare system. When we were approached to help develop our solution to support this community in need, we were truly amazed at how well our vision was understood and accepted so quickly.The leadership of Sirach has identified a patient demographic for whom this proposed partnership can bring life-changing benefits. This joint venture deserves to be expanded to every corner of the country and could serve as a platform for global growth. We look forward to doing everything in our power to make this project a great success on all levels.”

On behalf of the board of Directors,

Sincerely yours,

Antonio Baldassarre

CEO, President & Director
UniDoch Health Corp. (CSE: UDOC)

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About UniDoc Health Corp. (CSE: UDOC)

UniDoc is developing one Telehealth-Solution designed as a standalone virtual remote clinic in a private kiosk where patients can get advice like they would in a doctor’s office. Telehealth opens the doors to a large part of the population that does not have access, experience or understanding of online computer technology. The company believes that physical accessibility is key to its business proposition. UniDoc aims to increase shareholder value by delivering an excellent product and a sophisticated commercial network within a fast timeframe. The UniDoc team appreciates your commitment, your questions and your interest. So please keep in touch and invite anyone interested in our story to visit our website and subscribe to receive the latest information on our activities, events and progress. You are also invited to follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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