Boston Bruins – Winnipeg Jets. Forecast and betting on hockey. December 23, 2022

On December 23 at 00:00 (Moscow time), in the NHL regular season match, at the TD Garden (Boston), the Boston Bruins and Winnipeg Jets will meet.

Boston Bruins

Boston continues to score points, this time the team at home confidently dealt with Florida 7:3. Wards Jim Montgomery had a great start to the meeting, scoring 4 unanswered goals. Then the “black and gold” relaxed, practically allowing the “cats” to catch up with them. In the end, the hosts turned on again, having managed to return the advantage back. The best among the Bears were Bergeron 2+2, Marchand 0+3, Carlo 1+1, Clifton 1+1, Lindholm 0+2 and Hall 0+2. Boston is #1 in the East with 52 points after 31 games with a 123:69 goal difference. Pastrnak 21+22 and Hall 13+14 are the leaders of the scorer race at the spokes. At home, the “black and gold” held 19 meetings, gaining 36 points in them.

Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg also triumphed in the last match, beating Ottawa 5:1 on its territory. Wards of Rick Bowness seized the initiative on the ice from the first minutes, which allowed them to score 3 goals in the first period. In the future, the “air army” continued to advance, calmly putting the squeeze on the “senators”. The best in the hosts were Connor 2+1, Morrissey 1+1, Jonsson-Fjallby 0+2, Dubois 0+2 Demelo 0+2. Winnipeg is in 3rd place in the West with 43 points after 32 games with a goal difference of 108:81. Connor 15+23 and Marrissey 6+32 lead the scorers in the fighters. On the road, the Jets have played 15 meetings, earning 19 points in them. Appleton, Maenalainen, Stanley, Wheeler, Hellebike, Schmidt and Ehlers will not help the “jet planes” in the duel.

Boston Bruins – Winnipeg Jets

Boston confidently deals with all competitors, the team is stronger than ever. Winnipeg is also in good shape, although the Jets make more mistakes. Montgomery’s guys will win the match, “black and gold” due to reliable play will be able to stop strong “fighters”, especially at home.

win Boston Bruins – P1 – kef (1.75) line 1xBet

Boston, December 23, 2022. Kick-off at 03:00 (Moscow time)

win Boston Bruins – P1

1,75 Coef.


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