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Get ready for Hartford to return to its boxing roots from the 1950s and Willie Pep days, when the Connecticut capital hosted three boxing shows a week at its various venues! This time, from July 21-23, Charter Oak Boxing Academy, known as COBA, will be hosting Christy Martin’s special invitation in Hartford.

Called the Christy Martin Boxing Academy/Charter Oak Titles Tournament, the event promises to draw hundreds of people from across the East Coast to cheer on some of the best male and female amateur boxers in the country. “I am absolutely delighted with this new partnership,” said Christy Martin. “And I am very excited to work with COBA.”

A few years ago, Martin met coach Johnny Callas, the boys from COBA, and several girls from his “Girls Rise” show when they competed in his tournament. “As the friendship grew, I adopted them… But little did I know that they would eventually adopt me,” he added. “It was an easy decision to make!”

At the time, Callas was in the US at the National Boxing Championships in Lubbock, Texas with COBA’s Janiyah Lumpkin, ranked third in the country and winner of one of Martin’s coveted title belts. “She had received a couple of calls from the Champion, and when we finally connected, she invited COBA to become her partner and, together with her, to organize her very personal, special and prestigious tournament,” said Callas, who is also the founder. and CEO of COBA and member of the board of directors of USA Boxing, Inc. “I was completely moved by his words, elated by what this could mean for COBA, our children and Hartford.

I also immediately realized the magnitude of the event, as well as the personal and professional responsibility I had to Christy, USA Boxing, Inc., COBA and our children to make this a success. I knew that I could only say “YES!”

Recognized as “the most successful and prominent female boxer in the United States” and the person who “legitimized” the participation of women in the sport of boxing, Martin survived multiple stabbings, a shooting and near death by her former trainer. and husband after years of domestic violence.

FUENTE: Hartford Oak Charter Boxing Academy.

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