Boy saves younger sister in armed car robbery

A 9-year-old boy saved his younger sister during an armed carjacking at a gas station in Alabama.

Ethan Walker was in the backseat of the car with his 6-year-old sister, Audrey, in the town of Moody, while his mother, Kristin Walker, was putting gas in the car, reports the WBMA news station.

Suddenly, a man got out of a Chevrolet pickup and got into the front seat of the family car. “I jumped on top of him and took the keys out of the engine ignition,” said the mother, who relates that at that moment this man pointed a gun at him. “Ethan hurried out of the car and turned around, to get his little sister, โ€he adds.

The suspect fled with the car, but the family was unharmed. “Ethan was so calm and collected throughout the whole process,” acknowledges the mother.

Police were later able to locate two suspects, who were identified as Kendarian Toran, 18, and Eric White, 23. Both are in custody and charges will be filed against them.

Boy saves younger sister in armed carjacking
The child’s reaction and courage are applauded. (INTERNET)

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