“Boyish tenderness”: Todorenko told how her son shows love

TV presenter Regina Todorenko posted a touching photo with her son on her Instagram account. In the new photo, a girl is standing in a white dress against the backdrop of a pool strewn with flower petals.

Todorenko is holding his son, who gently kisses his mother on the cheek. The boy is also wearing a white suit. The TV presenter said that her son often comes up to her and asks for a kiss. Childish tenderness and love for her mother touched her.

– Oh, these boyish tenderness. The most beautiful emotions overwhelm when a little man comes up and says: “Mom, let’s kiss ?!” – wrote the TV presenter under the post.

Todorenko promised that this year her blog will have more content about children and motherhood.

Subscribers were touched by the TV presenter’s photo, they left enthusiastic comments under the photo.

“Those who bring us happiness and goodness are our children and grandchildren”; “You and your son are very nice”; “Everything is beautiful in this photo”; “Your dress is as delicate as you are,” the fans wrote.

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