Boys Basketball: Pioneers Outperform Austin 57-55

HANNOVER – Providence had to hold onto each lead by 13 points at the end of the first half as they survived Austin’s late run to a 57-55 first-round win in the Division 2A Southwestern Sectional Tuesday night.

The Eagles, trailing 26-13 in the second quarter and 12 in the second half, had possession of the ball 3 seconds before the end of the game and had a chance to equalize. Austin couldn’t get a chance, however, because the pioneers forced a change.

Providence coach Ryan Miller said “Stay and Advance,” whose team qualifies to face rival Clarksville in the semi-finals on Friday at 7:30 pm. We knew Austin was dangerous. We said they would be a dangerous team. “

The Eagles scored four three-point points in the final quarter and reduced their delay 12 seconds before the game with a corner jump from Brandon Rice by nine points to two.

In Providence Nick Sexton was committed a foul 7.9 seconds before the game but he messed up the 1-1 front end that brought the ball back to Austin.

The Eagles took the ball and made a mistake – only Providence fourth character in the second half. This resulted in an unsuccessful final takeover of Austin.

First player Casey Caillin scored 21 points in the last two quarters, including 14, and led Providence. However, it was the only two-digit flagship.

“He scored some big hits in the second half as Austin made his round,” said Miller.

Peyton Gwen scored the highest score of 25 for the Eagles (5-17).

The hosts (19: 5), who beat Switzerland 78: 48 in the first game on Tuesday, will face Henriville (12: 10) in the first semi-final on Friday at 5:30 p.m.

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The Pioneers (11-8) will meet Generals (11-11) for the second time this season in the second half. Clarksville won the regular season game 48-45 thanks to a late three-point game by the Dakota Caps on January 8 at the Larkin Center.

“It’s another tough game against another tough competitor,” said Miller. “We know it’s a team with good players and good training.”


Class 2A, southwest sector

Game 1: Southwest 78, Switzerland 48th province, Tuesday

Game 2: Providence 57, Austin 55, Tuesday

The third game: Henryville (12-10) v Southwestern (5-19), Friday at 5:30 p.m.

The fourth game: Clarksville (11-11) v Providence (8-11), Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Fifth (last) game: The winner of the third game against the winner of the fourth game on Saturday at 7pm


The first round game takes place on Tuesday

57, Austin 55

Austin 10 16 9 20-55

Providence 18 15 9 15-57

Austin (5-17): Barton 2, Montgomery 10, Gwen 25, Parker 2, Bowling 4, Moser 7, Rice 5.

Providence (11-8): Kid Carver 2, Casey Kaylynn 21, Elle Watson 4, Tyler Simmons 2, Nick Sexton 6, David Wall 6, Max Betty 5, Grant Williams 4, Zach Johnson 7.

Field goals consisting of 3 points: Austin 7 (Gwen 3, Montgomery 2, Moser, Rice); Vorsehung 5 (Kailyn 2, Johnson, Betty Williams).

Follow-ups: Austin 21 (Moser 6); Providence 22 (Wall, Watson 5)

Displacements: Austin 9, Providence 7.

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