Bozena Rynska about Igor Malashenko: “My love began to die in the last couple of months”

Bozena Rynska still has not recovered after the death of Igor Malashenko. The 45-year-old widow often shares memories of her marriage, which, she admits, was hardly ideal. “We lived unevenly -“ I love like a soul, I shake like a pear ”. But they loved each other devoutly. My love began to die only in the last couple of months – a lot of grievances have accumulated. And now, two years have passed, and it became clear that this is love for life, ”she confessed in her personal blog.

Today, the couple could celebrate nine years of marriage, so the journalist decided to tell how their difficult relationship developed. Bozena admitted that for the sake of Malashenko she refused a rich boyfriend, although her lover could hardly promise her a stable future.

“Igor immediately warned me that, firstly, he would not be able to buy me an apartment. Secondly, he will not be able to marry. Thirdly, it will not be able to give a child, – listed Rynska. – In response, they say, it does not suit me at all, that there are a lot of such offers, that I am ready to live together in his apartment, but I will demand marriage and a child. “But why can’t I get married,” Igor wondered aloud. I said that people who love each other should be married, that because of the love for him and the feeling of my man, I agree to live for 22 months without signing. But closer to this date, I will definitely deliver an ultimatum. We immediately started trying to live in a family format. Igor immediately warned his wife about leaving. All the first days Igor told me how unhappy and terrible his marriage was. “

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However, despite the great love, the media mogul was in no hurry to give his passion with expensive gifts. According to Rynski, the man constantly insisted that he had no money and no job. “In fact, he received a conceptual share for NTV, formalized as a salary, in the amount of 45 thousand dollars a month. When I realized the true size of Igor’s fortune (during the trial) and compared it with the way we lived, I, of course, freaked out and was very offended by the very fact of injustice. I began to count and accumulate grievances, ”the journalist shared.

However, Bozena only blames himself for the tragic ending. The widow is sure that if they talked about his problems, they could find a way out. “Word for word, and understanding could be achieved. I was always ready to start all over again, but even when we went to the family psychotherapist, we kept talking about him, about his comfort, about his condition, and I was pretty tired of listening to all this without any hope of being heard. In those months he bored me to death with his eternal problems, ”wrote Rynska.

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