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Relevant content, the power of telling stories that connect brands with audiences, the use of new Technological tools, hyper segmentation and more precise advice on data analysis are part of the service offer presented by the Opsa Group to meet the demand of its customers in 2021.

The webinar shared with more than 50 marketers the experience of the media that take advantage of all their knowledge, loyalty and the value of storytelling, in innovative formulas to bring the public closer to brands, measuring the success that is being achieved.

The first intervention was in charge of the Commercial Director of Opsa Group, Isabel Sabillón de Díaz, professional with more than twenty years of consolidated experience in sales, marketing and advertising, graduated in business administration from Auburn University, Alabama.

What does Grupo Opsa’s Brand Studio do?

At the Brand Studio they are communication experts. Its mission is to convey the message of the advertisers to the audiences in an effective way.

It is a unit specialized in Branded Content and Content Marketing, which develops value-added solutions for brands.
Their work draws on knowledge to create tailored communication plans that create a valuable connection with your target market.

The executive referred to the momentum that the Branded Content as premium content created for brands that are managing to generate interaction with audiences in a more natural way than traditional advertising.

“In Opsa Group we have had space to prepare and ensure that both the pandemic and the transition of our industry drive us to get the best of ourselves, drive us to shine and innovate and to seek the opportunities that are typically hidden in crises, “he said.

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“The concept that we bring today, andl Brand Studio de Grupo OpsaIt is not a new concept, but it is the way we are going to serve it. I’m sure many of you are already familiar with the subject: Branded Content, Native Advertising or Content Marketing. It doesn’t matter, what is certain is that it is a trend that is very much alive, very fashionable and very current ”, said the executive.

He emphasized that “the key is to take the current consumer’s attention and generate engagement through good content, and we know that we can entertain and also educate, and that we can generate better results for their brands through this content.”

And it is that when a consumer sees or reads Branded Content its recall capacity can be up to 59% more than displayed ads.

What is it…?

The Branded Content It is an interesting, relevant, entertaining, useful content, with a non-advertising aspect, that creates an audience and connects it to the values ​​of a brand.

Precisely, the virtual conference focused on the successful use of this non-invasive advertising formula that is present in the most important communication media in the world.

The journalist gave the conference Maria Antonia Martinez de Fuentes, Master in Digital Communication and online content consultant, with 30 years of experience in leadership in mass media.

“Brands are forming these alliances with media that make use of creativity, that are up to date with technological tools, that invest in segmentation -which is essential-, and in data analysis, and that use that narrative experience to connect audiences with brands ”, said the journalist .

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During his presentation, he shared interesting projects from brands and agencies around the world that have won international competitions and in Latin America in the last two years, even in times of the pandemic that has forced creative talent to double.

Brands are partnering with the media that have that narrative experience to connect audiences.

Maria Antonia de Fuentes, Master in Digital Communication Consulting

He stressed that “the Branded Content it is content that appeals to emotions and feelings such as achievement, hope, motivation and the need to know more ”.

“The future of advertising will depend on what we do right now in these times of crisis, because we must invest in human talent, retain the best people and develop them, both in the agencies and in the media. Also invest in new technology and above all invest in new formats like this one from Branded Content, because companies and the public demand innovation “, commented the journalist Martínez de Fuentes at the end of her conference.

The webinar served to present what is new in Brand Studio of Opsa Group, led by the advertising managers of the North and Central areas, Doris Peña de Rivera and Ileana López, executives with recognized experience who showed the different formats in which this unit of the commercial area works in these media that include traditional brands such as La Prensa and El Heraldo, magazines such as Style, Strategy and Business, Buen Provecho and Honduras Tips, and the sports site Diez, as well as the GOtv television channel.

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This editorial group manages the highest statistics in readership, unique users and followers in all its social networks of the media in Honduras, which guarantees the positioning of its informative and advertising content.

The webinar It was moderated by the presenter Arleth Portillo, who had the words of thanks at the end.


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