Brass Birmingham – Shivano

Brass: Birmingham recreates the story of the entrepreneurs who competed in and around Birmingham during England’s Industrial Revolution between 1770 and 1870. In this re-implementation of the original masterpiece, Brass: Lancashire, you will expand your empire by building canals and lines railway, and you will build and develop various types of industries, such as cotton mills, coal mines, workshops, breweries, iron foundries and potteries. Over two eras, the Age of Channels and Age of Railroad, players will build industries across the map; they will connect the locations through canals and railways; They will make coal, steel and beer; they will develop their industries to have access to others of higher level; they will sell cotton, manufactured goods and ceramics to merchants; and they will increase their income in the hope of becoming powerful industry moguls and thus achieve financially above their opponents. The player with the most victory points at the end of the second era will be the winner.

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