Bremen University of Applied Sciences expands cooperation with the USA in the aerospace and automotive sectors, Bremen University of Applied Sciences, press release

The Bremen University of Applied Sciences (HSB) is expanding its cooperation in the USA. A delegation from Auburn University in Alabama visited the HSB on June 20, 2022 to discuss the key points of further cooperation. Both sides strive for a far-reaching academic and intercultural exchange. Specifically, exchange opportunities for students and teachers, joint research and practical projects as well as cooperation in the field of doctorates are under discussion.

In terms of content, the cooperation between HSB and Auburn University focuses on the areas of computer science, aerospace and electrical engineering. On the part of the HSB, in addition to the Rector Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey Representatives of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the Faculty of Nature and Technology the US delegation.

The US state and the Hanseatic city have in common that they are both important locations for the aerospace and automotive industries. In addition to Mercedes-Benz and Airbus – both cooperation partners of HSB – branches of Honda, Hyundai and Toyota are also located in Alabama. The US space agency NASA is also represented with the Marshall Space Flight Center. Among other things, rocket engines and IT solutions are developed there.

“A cooperation with Auburn University is very interesting for the HSB due to the similar orientation in study and research,” explains Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey, rector of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. “For us, internationality is closely linked to the goal of qualifying specialists and promoting innovation through research. In this sense, we hope for a cooperation that is profitable for both locations.”

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Bremen University of Applied Sciences already has productive partnerships in Alabama. The HSB already has close contacts with the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), the University of Birmingham and the companies relevant to Bremen that are active both in Bremen and in Alabama: These include Airbus and Mercedes-Benz , Abat and RadioBro.

Six years ago, under the motto “Bremen – Alabama and back”, the HSB successfully raised funds from the Stifterverband, the Daimler and Benz Foundation and from the Daimler fund via a joint application together with the Bremen Economic Development Corporation (WFB). The award-winning project aimed to create a transatlantic practice network between the HSB and the University of Alabama at the Huntsville and Tuscaloosa locations as well as the Airbus DS and Mercedes-Benz plants in Bremen and Alabama. Last but not least, this cooperation also resulted in contact with Auburn University.

The HSB specifically promotes internationalization in the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) through the outgoing mobility of students. The objective will be expanded in the future through the cooperation with the University of Auburn.

The network supports the strategy of the HSB to increase mobility in teaching and studies and thus the further internationalization of the practical part in STEM courses. The cooperation will result, for example, in mutual internships as well as in practical semesters anchored in the curriculum or mobility windows and a joint research agenda.

“The aim is to use the existing contacts to intensify the transatlantic network and, last but not least, to use it to secure skilled workers and to promote the economy,” says HSB Rector Prof. Dr. Karen Lucky. “In this way, the exchange between Bremen and Alabama can be expanded. Together with Auburn University, on the basis of our decades of international experience, we can set further valuable regional economic impulses for the region in terms of content and concept in terms of recruiting and securing skilled workers,” says Prof. Dr. lucky.

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