Bristol City – Birmingham City (January 14th) bets and odds

01/14/2023 at 18:00 Moscow time, a match will be held as part of the Championship of England, in which the local club Bristol City will host the rival in the national championship Birmingham City at its stadium.


The football clubs Bristol City and Birmingham City will meet for the second time this season and it will take place on 14.01.2023. In the first match, the Birmingham City players went on a break, losing by two goals, but in the second half they managed to add and won with a score of 5-3. Last year, the teams also met twice, but both matches ended in draws. This time, the strongest opponents will be determined at 18:00 Moscow time.

Football fans will not be able to miss the match between Bristol City and Birmingham City, which is scheduled for 01/14/2023, and it starts at 18:00 Moscow time. The giants of world football meet, and a prestigious trophy is at stake, so the result of the game is of great importance for both teams. Previously, there were 24 matches between them, in which the players of the Birmingham City club won more victories – ten to seven. This season Bristol City and Birmingham City play each other for the first time.

Bristol City

Three years ago, no one really knew about such a football club as Bristol City, but as soon as it changed owners, crazy progress followed, so now the team is spending its debut season in this division. It is very important for the hosts to gain a foothold here, because so far this has not been possible, since the football club Bristol City is in third place from the end, and in order to leave the relegation zone you need to score at least two points. The management continues to trust the head coach, even despite the fact that during the season there have already been several obviously failed matches. In the last five rounds, Bristol City generally shows extremely weak results, having lost four times and scoring only one victory, and over the same outsider with a score of 3-2. The team plays equally poorly both at home and in away matches, and the weak point of the hosts is defense. Two midfielders will definitely not enter the field, and the participation of the left winger in the game is also questionable.

Last season, the football club Birmingham City won the league title, but this season there is no talk of defending the trophy. The head coach started having problems with many players of the main squad, so there is no longer that well-played fighting team that smashed everyone last year. The guests occupy only the fourth place in the championship, and the backlog from the leader is so large that the team now has to fight only not to lose its place in European competitions. The football club Birmingham City plays equally both at home and in away matches, and this season the guests only demonstrate a reliable game in defense, but the team’s performance has fallen significantly compared to last year. Recently, Birmingham City FC went on an eight-match unbeaten streak, but in the last round, the team unexpectedly lost at home to an outsider, conceding three unanswered goals into their own net. The only loss of the guests is the left striker.

“Bristol City” – “Birmingham City”: prediction by the author

On 01/14/2023, the organizers of the tournament brought out only one football match Bristol City – Birmingham City, so there is no doubt that at 18:00 Moscow time a lot of fans’ attention will be riveted to it. There are almost equal teams, because the history of this confrontation also speaks of equal chances of winning, because if Bristol City has seventeen victories, then the football club Birmingham City won nineteen of them.

This championship has not carried any intrigue for several years now, because no matter how the season starts, the Bristol City football club will still be the winner. This time, the team was also unable to immediately get the lead, and for a long time was on the second line, but recently the leader lost, and this loss cost him the first position, as the hosts managed to get ahead and currently have a slight advantage of two points. Not only is the football club Bad Gleichenberg performing very consistently this season, the team also demonstrates an excellent game in its field, which applies not only to the championship, but also to European competitions. The hosts have a powerful attack, and the defense is the most reliable in the championship, because on average, the football club Bad Gleichenberg concedes less than one goal in two games. At the moment, the hosts are giving out a series of twelve victories, and there are no personnel losses in the team, because only the reservists are injured.

Fans of the Birmingham City football club in recent years have become accustomed to the fact that their team is constantly fighting for survival, and is saved from relegation only in the last rounds. But, this season things are especially deplorable, because Birmingham City is not only in the relegation zone, but eight points are not enough to leave it. Whatever coach the management invites, Birmingham City still shows weak results, and this applies even to home matches, where the team has always fought to the last and could take points even in a duel with the championship leader. As for the away game, Birmingham City have lost more than half of their matches away, having won only two wins this season. The current coach has been in charge of the team for three months and abandoned the defensive style, and also seated on the bench several veterans who did not demonstrate the necessary dedication. The football club Birmingham City has become less likely to lose, but there are no more victories, as the guests mostly play in a draw, and the most common score is zero.

Today’s match Bristol City – Birmingham City Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

The confrontation between the team of Bristol City and the team of Birmingham City is a match in which the home team just needs to take points. The experts of our resource, taking into account the statistics of clubs’ performances this season, as well as taking into account the statistics of teams’ performances among themselves, came to the conclusion that in this match the team of Bristol City will make every effort to win. The fact is that the standings of the hosts turned out to be rather difficult, despite the fact that the team still has enough matches ahead, but the current place in the standings does not suit either the owners or the players themselves. Something urgently needs to be done with this, so a new mentor was invited to the team, who had already managed to make several personnel changes. The guests are an ordinary middle peasant, a team that occupies a comfortable place in the middle of the standings and does not pretend to high places. In head-to-head matches, the advantage is on the side of the home team, and given the need to win, our experts believe that the Bristol City team simply must win this match, and we offer to bet on this. The overall total of goals in the match is seen to be higher, since the home team is unlikely to quit attacking after a goal is scored, and the guests are not one of those teams that will sit on the defensive. So, we believe that the overall total of goals declared by the bookmakers will be broken by the team. As for violations of the rules, there will be a lot of them in the match, since the teams play dirty in the championship, so we advise you to play for more total yellow cards.

The match, which will take place at the Bristol City football ground, will be of great importance for both football clubs that will take part in it. The team of Bristol City and the team of Birmingham City are now fighting for the top lines of the tournament table. Both clubs are showing excellent results, but now that the football season is at its zenith, neither team can relax. Recall that both clubs take part in several tournaments at the same time, so now the team coaches need to clearly understand the situation. It is important to choose one tournament that will become a priority, in which the players of the team will give 100 percent in order to achieve a result. As practice shows, football clubs that are torn in the middle of the season between several tournaments, in the end, can not achieve anything by spending the season in vain. It is important to focus on one goal, and go to it in all possible ways. That is why our experts, when predicting this football match, say that it is better to watch the game for a while and then place bets. Now many bookmakers offer to place bets during the game. In principle, bettors will not lose anything from this approach, but they will be able to choose the match favorite for themselves, because bookmakers offer us an almost equal line for this match.


It is always interesting to watch the matches of football teams that are fighting for certain places in the standings. It is not only about the fight for the championship or the fight for the European Cup zone. Usually, this struggle involves the giants of modern football, teams that have enough funds to sign star players and coaches. In such teams, the bench is quite long, so the teams can afford to take part in various tournaments, losing the quality of the game. It is much more interesting to watch the battle of the teams that are located at the bottom of the standings, for which defeat means an inevitable relegation to the lower league, where they will have to spend the whole season showing great football and beating competitors, and all in order to find themselves among the giants of modern football again. . The teams fighting for survival do not have millions of budgets, they are mostly loaned players, and the clubs are run by managers whose monthly or annual salary is several times more modest than the income that famous footballers have per week. However, these clubs find the strength to fight on equal terms with the giants of modern football, and sometimes even gnaw points from them. It is precisely such football confrontations that cause pride in modern football, you want to watch such matches again and again. Therefore, our experts advise football fans not to miss the match between Bristol City and Birmingham City.

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