Bristol City – Birmingham City predictions 14 January 2023 today at 18:00 Who will win the match?

The home team Bristol City will host the away team Birmingham as part of the England Championship. The game will take place at Ashton Gate Stadium on January 14, 2023.

Birmingham last beat Bristol City 3-0. But 3 months ago, it was easier for the visiting team, since the game was played at the home stadium.
The match ended with a convincing victory of the Birmingham club over the opponent with a difference of 3 goals.
2 games played between today’s opponents in the recent past. Previously, the away team Birmingham looked more convincing and got victories in both meetings.

Let’s try to understand and analyze which team is stronger.

Bristol City: Ranks nineteenth in the standings out of 24. Coach Nigel Graham Person continues to work with a team that is in poor shape.
The team has recently managed to show a more organized defense on the road. Let’s look at the statistics:
The last time 5 days ago the team played a home game against Swansea City. In this confrontation, the teams could not identify the strongest. As a result, only one point scored. . A rather rough game was demonstrated with an abundance of yellow cards – 5 pcs. The match before this, the team played a game away against a club from the city of Coventry – Coventry City 12 days ago. The teams showed an approximately equal game, which led to a draw 1:1. . There were plenty of violations in the match, which resulted in 5 yellow cards.

Birmingham: Takes seventeenth place in the standings out of 24. This team is coached by Eustace, John. The team is in terrible shape.
The club does not maintain a balance between defense and attack, so it misses quite a lot. Let’s look at the game performance of the last meetings:
The last time 11 days ago the team had a home match with the Middlesbrough club. The score 1:3 showed the real form of the teams, in which the game of Birmingham City looked worse than the opponent. . Not without yellow cards for the team – 1 pc. Prior to this, the Birmingham City club played at home against the Hull City team. The outcome of the meeting was decided by one realized moment and the team had to be left with nothing. . The team earned 3 warnings per game.

Who to bet on? The victory of the hosts of this confrontation is more obvious for the bookmakers, the coefficient for its victory is 2.30 – 1Xbet

Prediction Bristol City – Birmingham from Kush v sport

The above statistics and analysis of the form of the teams led us to the following betting options:

Bristol City’s terrible stretch of 5 matches in which 2 losses were lost. Bet on the continuation of this series for 3.47 – Winline

In 3 of the last 5 matches involving the visiting team, there was no goal exchange. Make a bet like Both To Score – No 1.93 – Winline

In the last 5 games, with the participation of the club Birmingham, a total total of 13 goals was shown, Games of the Birmingham team pleases us with a good attack and conversion of chances, so you can try to take TO 2.5 2.20 – 1Xbet

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