British doctor accused people of spreading a new strain of COVID-19

A London hospital physician, Professor Hugh Montgomery, accused each of those who, in violation of anti-epidemiological rules, do not wear protective masks, of spreading a new strain of COVID-19, which exacerbated the already dire situation in which the UK National Health Service found itself.

“Everyone who does not wear a mask has blood on their hands up to their elbows,” said Hugh Montgomery in an interview with the Daily Mail.

He stressed that now, against the background of the spread of a new strain of coronavirus, a record number of deaths are being recorded, while in some regions mortality is higher than during the first wave of coronavirus. The medical system is operating under increased load.

Recall that in early December it became known that a new strain of coronavirus was identified in the UK, which is spreading faster than the one that humanity encountered at the beginning of the outgoing year.

Photo: from open sources

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